Hi readers! I’m Hana Sheik, and it’s release day for my second Harlequin Romance/Mills & Boon True Love, Temptation in Istanbul. Yippee!!! I’m here to share an excerpt from the book with you today. It’s a first kiss scene, and I’ll never tire of writing any firsts between lovers.

If you love first kisses too, I hope this one hits your sweet spot.💕

Temptation in Istanbul

by Hana Sheik


A single dad’s greatest temptation? The nanny on his doorstep!

Billionaire Faisal is anxiously awaiting custody of his little girl, who’s been living miles away with her mother. First he must win the approval of her nanny, Maryan, who has traveled with her to Istanbul. While he shows Maryan the delights of his city, the instant attraction between them is hard to ignore. But Maryan leaves in two weeks, so Faisal must decide how much of his bruised heart he is prepared to risk…

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He offered her a hand.

Maryan hesitated a second, and then she grasped his hand, his long, strong fingers holding hers in an even-pressured grip.

Their hands remained clasped longer than necessary.

Longer than she’d have normally liked.

But Faisal had made her feel like she wasn’t alone. Like her troubles were his in a way, and she’d come out of this baking and talking feeling lighter, calmer.


“Maryan.” He spoke her name in a breathy whisper; a reverence pulsed from those two syllables. So much so that it sounded less like her name and more like a prayer. She shivered visibly, unable to help the reaction. Her body temperature rose when he closed the short gap between them and his hand brushed up her arm before moving to cup her too-warm cheek. It was a simple touch that set off a firework of desire in her.

“Thank you for listening. For asking. For pushing to know.”

He spoke her mind. Those were the exact words she wished to utter to him. And she would have, had she had a voice to do it with.

His next breath was drawn out, the heat of it brushing her cheek when he planted a quick kiss there.

She stood frightfully still, the pressure of his soft mouth, the emotion behind the gesture, forcing open an ocean’s worth of yearning for him. When he slowly drew his head up, almost reluctantly, Maryan made her choice.

Or maybe he’d made it first, and she went along for the ride.

Because when his eyes regarded her, and his face pushed in closer again, their noses brushing, she pulled up onto her toes and connected their lips in an intimate play of his chaste kiss on her cheek. A hunger accentuated their lip-lock. It colored the moan rumbling through his chest and the heated press of their bodies as he backed her into the opposite counter.

Resurfacing for air was expected but unwanted.

Maryan would’ve gladly allowed Faisal to steal another kiss and rob her of breath again. A clanging alertness took hold of her when he growled, “Maryan,” and splayed his heavy, warm hands on her hips.

This time she knew who made the decision for them.

She pushed him away first. Gently, pleadingly. She didn’t have the strength to do it twice.

“We can’t.” And they really couldn’t. They had to think of Zara. What would she wonder if she caught them kissing?

And I’m leaving in a week.

A week wasn’t a good enough reason to jump into bed with the first good-looking billionaire who swept her off her feet. Chemistry or no chemistry, sleeping with Faisal would be a stupid and dangerous move. Stupid because there was no chance it would become a meaningful relationship, and dangerous for the very same reason.

She backed away, her shaking hands giving up on untying her apron.

Abandoning the kitchen, she hightailed it to her room and didn’t look back until she closed her door.

She counted the seconds that lapsed from the time she left him.

When no knock came from the other side and no footsteps down the hall, she pressed a hand to her thumping heart and analyzed what happened downstairs with Faisal.

He’d kissed her.

Correction: they had kissed.

She’d been an active participant in it. That, and she couldn’t kid herself that she hadn’t thought of kissing him before then.

As Maryan stood there, her body more alive in that second than it ever was, two things were clearer now about her and Faisal. Their hearts were both closed off to love, and their attraction was a potent force of nature that went against everything she thought she could feel with another human being before.


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Hana Sheikfalls in love every day reading her favourite romances and writing her ownhappy-ever-afters. She’s worked as a data entry operator, customer service rep, telemarketer, andghostwriter—but being a romance author is without a doubt the best job ever! Born in Somalia, shemoved to the beautiful capital of Canada as a toddler, and still lives there happily with her family.

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