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About That Rule

About That Series, Book 2

by Erin Lynne


A vacation in Las Vegas with friends was going to be nothing but a good time.

When two of Samantha Nollins friends surprised everyone that they eloped, she was ready to party. After all, she was known to celebrate at all times, along with her bestie Nate Haddic. However, when they wake up the next day, their two friends weren’t the only ones who eloped!

Samantha and Nate immediately go to the courthouse, only to be told they need to wait ninety-days and try to make their marriage work.

There was nothing worse than two players who had to settle down. In order to keep their friendship intact, they created rules – which seemed easy enough.

First rule, no sex. This was a bummer, but there was no way they were cheating on each other, even if the wedding was fake.

Second, they had to visit each other more, which was no sweat off their backs.

Third, they couldn’t tell anyone. This was mainly because it was only ninety-days, why get anyone else involved?

Fourth was more because of the court order, but they had to take pictures of them together. This way, they could show the judge they tried, but it didn’t work.

Lastly, the most important role, was no falling for each other.

But, what happens if the lines start to blur?




Samantha moved over to him and poked his shoulder in anger. “Now isn’t the time to admire the city. You ended a party where people, including me, were having fun. Then you decide to kiss the hell out of me like I was all you wanted. And now you pull back and tell me not to look at you like that. Do tell, how am I looking at you?”

Nate, being four inches taller, stared down at her. “Like you want something that’ll ruin everything.”

“Didn’t you kiss me?”

“We were playing the game.”

This made her laugh—and not the good kind. It was almost manic, like she couldn’t believe this was actually happening. What a lame excuse, blaming their chemistry on a game. “Are you serious?”

“As serious as our signed contract,” he said, a touch of bitterness in his tone.

She flipped her hair over her shoulder before putting her hands on her hips. “Don’t you dare act like this is my fault. Our sham of a marriage wasn’t something I forced on you. It wasn’t like I woke up in a committed relationship and celebrated the news. We’re in the same boat here.”

He huffed. “I know it’s not your fault we’re married.”

“Wow, you sound so sincere.” Her voice oozed sarcasm. 

“It isn’t either of our faults,” he conceded. “But it was stupid for us to kiss for no reason. We need to follow the rules. I’m going to hold up my end of the bullshit bargain.”

If kissing her senseless was part of holding up his end of the bargain, she wasn’t sure she’d survive anymore of their marriage. Her lips were bruised at the way he’d devoured her. Her pulse was still racing over the excitement of feeling his hands on her.


Author Info:

Erin Lynne is a romantic comedy writer who lives outside of Philadelphia with her husband and kiddos. When she is not chasing after her boys, you can find her writing. She loves going on adventures with her family (theme park junkie), drinking champagne, and reading.

Join her on Facebook at Erin Lynne Romance Lovers and follow her at http://www.erin-lynne.com for updates on releases, thoughts to make you smile, and to sign-up for her newsletter.