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Who needs something easy, fun, and satisfying to read right about now?


Sun, Sea and Summer Vibes

by Zoe Allison


Sometimes first impressions are far from the truth…

Nina Darwish is a scientist who likes to proceed with caution and careful deliberation. When she arrives at the party destination of Ibiza to play PA for her best friend and international pop sensation Isla Starr, she has trouble adapting to the carefree and easy-going vibe on the island. The situation isn’t aided by Isla’s seemingly surly yet irritatingly attractive music producer, the world-renowned dance DJ Logan Wild, known by his real name—Cameron—to his friends. Plus, Nina’s run-ins with, and repeated rebuttal of, an extremely entitled and very annoying male singer named Zac don’t help to aid her mood.

Unbeknownst to Nina, Cameron remembers her from the past, when he was a geeky student who admired her from afar. Unfortunately, it’s clear that Nina considers him ill-natured, no doubt due to his natural awkwardness, which he masks using a stage persona. However, even if that weren’t the situation, he’s involved in a dead-end relationship with his celebrity girlfriend Ash. Plus, Nina’s eye appears to have been drawn onto Ash’s no good ex-boyfriend, Zac, therefore there’s no point in believing anything could ever happen between them.

But despite all of that being the case, for some reason, he just cannot stop thinking about her.

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Amazon UK: http://mybook.to/sunseaandsummervibes

Amazon US: https://www.amazon.com/Sun-Sea-Summer-Vibes-Allison-ebook/dp/B094JXJSWP



I really enjoyed all of Allison’s characters. Well, the ones we’re supposed to like anyway 🙂 Everyone has their issues & troubles that are believable and will drawn you in. And even though Cam is already involved with someone else, I never really felt icky by his deepening feelings for Nina (which would be easy to do if written poorly). Even Ash is made to be appealing and I’m now hoping for her to get her own story so she can find someone to treat her like she deserves to be treated.

Sun, Sea and Summer Vibes is just what it looks like – a light, entertaining beach read with a satisfying HEA ending. While there is a bit of drama thrown in to keep things extra interesting, there really isn’t too much angst. Instead Allison delivers a slow burn, friends-to-lovers (but also kinda insta-love) romance that has readers rooting for Cam and Nina to finally figure things out.


Author Info:

Growing up, Zoe Allison loved stories about falling in love. But rather than being rescued by a knight in shining armour, she imagined herself fighting dragons alongside him, battling supervillains as heroic allies, or teaming up to dive into perilous waters in order to save a loved one from drowning. Once Zoe did grow up, she became a doctor. But as time went on, she craved a creative outlet to counter the soul sapping burnout that her career inflicted upon her, and also to achieve those happy endings that were so often lacking in the real world. She wanted heroes who truly love and value women, who find their true love inspiring, are fascinated by her, want to connect with her as a soulmate and fully open themselves to her on an emotional level. And so, Zoe began to write her romances.

A Zoe Allison novel promises a heroine who is not only her hero’s equal in ability and intellect, but whose hero equals her in emotional intelligence. Her characters overcome conflict infused with spine tingling sexual tension to forge a deep connection as soul mates as well as lovers, and ultimately, they both rescue each other emotionally. Even if they might begin their journey as enemies…

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