Clueless, single dads can be pretty hard to resist …


The Daddy Coach

by Karen Muir

Genre: Contemporary Romance


Hoping to vindicate her brother, botanist Gina Dunn poses as a nanny to the man she believes framed him. Even though she grew up in a dysfunctional home, how hard can it be looking after twin four-year-old boys? If she can nurture rare orchids, surely she can handle this.

Instant fatherhood hits contractor Will Sinclair hard when his twin sons he didn’t know existed come to live with him. The rebellious boys reject Will as their real dad, forcing him to turn to Gina, his new nanny, for her “expert” help.

Interacting with Will and his boys as a “daddy” coach, Gina starts to crave the family she’s always longed to have. But Will’s reaction when he learns of her deception isn’t her biggest fear––one of two men she loves is lying…

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They drove home in silence, the boys too tired to search for red cars. The outing had gone well, but Will wondered if he could have done more. Reviewing Gina’s suggestions, he remembered one in particular:  sing a silly song. His jaw tightened. He’d rather eat dirt.

Instead, he sang out boldly about the doggie in the window. No one joined in, and he felt like a fool, but he soldiered on solo through the first verse. He finished to total silence, broken seconds later by cries from both boys to “Sing it again!”

Once again, he filled the car with his booming voice. “How much is that doggie in the window?” When Ian and Harry chimed in with hearty “Woof-Woofs,” he laughed. Being silly with his boys made him feel like a kid again too–happy and carefree.

The third time through, Gina joined in too. About time. Her voice was pleasing and strong, but way off-key. His grin widened. She turned to him, laughing, and her smile sucker-punched him in the gut. Entranced, his voice wavered, his brain stalled. The boys’ eager “woof! woofs” filled the gap.

She turned abruptly to stare out the passenger window, but not before he caught the approval in her eyes. Another first. He’d done something right. It made him want to sing more goofy songs. “Thanks for today,” he said. “Your suggestions were right on.”

She turned to him, her smile gone. “You take good notes. Retrieving the buckets was a game changer.”

“Hopefully, our next outing will be easier. And warmer.” Still no smile. And no reply. Would there be a next outing? She was back to being cool and distant, looking out her side window. The attraction he felt was apparently one-sided.

Fair enough. She was right to remind  him of the roles they both played. She was the nanny his sons adored, the key to their newfound happiness. Far too valuable to risk losing to a

failed romance. He was as the employer, the daddy in training. For the sake of all of them, he had to keep that straight.


Author Info:

A sense of humor was a must when Karen taught elementary grades and Head Start, and she’s always loved books and movies that make her laugh. Karen’s Fish Out of Water series from Entangled Publishing deals with heroines thrust outside their comfort zones. Their first meetings with their heroes tend to be quirky. An English Lit major at the University of Washington, Karen now reads mostly genre novels. Contemporary and historical romances and mysteries are my favorites. She loves camping–out in the wilds and close to nature–with all the comforts of our motor home. Sitting by a clear mountain stream with a good book to read is her idea of heaven.

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