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Armed ‘N’ Ready

Federal K-9 Series

by Tee O’Fallon

Massachusetts State Police Sgt. Nick Houston is as tough as they come, and he and his K-9, Saxon, are hot on the trail of a major illegal gun dealer. But his best lead—the beautiful owner of the Dog Park Café, Andi Hardt––is not cooperating. Doesn’t matter how sexy she is, or that his dog seems to be in love with her. She’s a suspect and he won’t cross that line. Ever.

Andi Hardt sank everything into her dream business—the Dog Park Café, a restaurant catering to dogs as much as people. Now everything is in jeopardy because of one extremely frustrating, incredibly hot state trooper. Like it or not, she’s in Nick’s crosshairs, and he’s calling the shots. Her only option: cooperate, or lose everything she’s worked so hard for.

Nick and Andi are catapulted straight into the danger zone, forcing them to make life-altering choices, and face their desires. Risking his life for Andi is the easy part. Risking his heart is the toughest assignment Nick will face.

O’Fallon gives readers a well-paced suspense story and I really enjoyed seeing how the case played out.  I had no idea where it was going but it was totally believable – nothing came out of left field and felt unconnected to the rest of the story, which is always a plus for this kind of book.

Both characters were really fun and their interactions entertaining.  It’s a bit of a slow burn as they have to deal with how she fits into his case, giving them plenty of time to get to know each other (and cause a few sparks along the way).   There was a little bit at the end where I went “uh, ok” with how they reacted to a situation that put their relationship into question but it was a small bump in an otherwise enjoyable read.

Armed ‘N’ Ready has the perfect blend of love story and action to keep the pages turning.  And some great secondary characters and relationships just for dog lovers 🙂

(This is the second book in the series, but can easily stand on its own.)