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Looking for something with a little humor to lighten up the rest of your 2018?  Mays’ stories of sexy guys and the heroines who bring them to their knees definitely have a few giggles in store for you.


Surrender to You

SAPD SWAT Series Book 1

by Nikki Mays

Genre: Romantic Suspense, Comedy



Mellie has been hypnotized by a pair of gorgeous green eyes, attached to a very yummy package for months now. Unfortunately for her, her brain goes on hiatus anytime Morris Jackson is around. Looking like a bobble head whenever he asks her anything isn’t the best way to go about getting a man like him interested. Not like ruggedly handsome men go for quirky, accident prone introverts like her. Plus, even if she did have a snowballs chance in hell with him, him being her brothers SWAT teammate doesn’t bode well for her. A girl can dream though!


Those blue eyes sucker punched him the minute he looked into them. It felt like the ground had literally gone out from under him. Mellie is everything that he could ever want and everything that he shouldn’t have. Even if he didn’t know that she’s too good for a guy like him, her brother would never be okay with it. He is over protective and proud of it. But at some point you have to say screw the consequences and go after what you know is meant to be yours.

Too bad someone wasn’t happy for them when the found their way to one another. Someone will make sure they don’t stay together by any means necessary. They’ll even kill to get what they want.

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Addicted to You

SAPD SWAT Series Book 2

by Nikki Mays

Genre: Romantic Suspense, Comedy


Michelle is my addiction. She’s sweetness and light wrapped up in a delicious package. Almost as delicious as the confections she makes. Until now, I’ve kept my distance to make sure my darkness doesn’t taint her. She’s better than a killer who sits behind a scope.

I watch her from afar. Getting dragged under her spell a little further with every sweet smile and mischievous grin. I know I’ll cave one day, give into the craving to be near her. Being in her presence is a feeling like no other, one I can’t seem to resist.

Unfortunately, I’m not the only one living under her influence. While I was watching her, someone else was watching too. But she belongs with me, no matter what anyone else wants.

Now I need to make sure she gives me my next fix of her, even if she’s too stubborn to admit she wants to. She’s my addiction, cure and redemption all rolled into one. Her soul calls out to my own. I’ll make sure she’s as addicted to me as I am to her. She’ll crave me – if it’s the last thing I do.

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(I’ve seen a lot of reviews for both books claiming that a good editor would help a lot.  I don’t know if I had final versions or ARCs but there were a lot of mispellings and grammar issues.  As a regular reader of review copies though, this kind of thing doesn’t really affect me but I wanted to put this out there as a warning to others who may be a little more discerning 🙂 )

There are authors that write characters that could be straight out of Gilmore Girls (I’m looking at you Susan Mallery), always ready with a snappy comment.  Then there are those characters who are sophisticated, never saying a wrong thing and who always make me feel like I need to work better at this adulting thing.  Mays seems to have found a voice that is like that conversation you have with your bestie after a couple of glasses of wine.  It’s unfiltered and sometimes graceless, but it is real for the homespun characters she’s created.

In Surrender to YouMorris has had a thing for Mellie for a while but since she’s his friend’s sister he tried to stay away.  Unfortunately, his feelings are pretty apparent and after a while her brother is so tired of his awkwardness that he gives the OK.  Mellie is just as dorky when Morris is around so there is a lot of fun to be have while the two are dancing around each other.  And it doesn’t stop when they get together because these two definitely have a lot of personality.  (Mellie fighting with her brother is the best thing ever!)

Addicted to You is a fun follow-up that has a lot of the same vibe.  Damon is a pretty curt guy, but I love the way he and Michelle mesh.  She’s so full of sass that it helps bring him out of himself just a bit.  I got such a kick out of these two together, and their interactions with their friends are both sweet and hilarious.

The SAPD SWAT stories are delightfully fun romantic comedies with entertaining characters.  I enjoyed how the couples got together & watching them piece together a life with each other.  The friendships help make it a winner as well.  It is quite obvious that Michelle and Mellie have been friends for ages because those two are a hoot together.  The guys are your typical guy’s guys – giving each other a hard time, a little rough around the edges – but they have good hearts and are supportive of each other.  The lack of angst is a real winner for me and overall I felt the suspense parts, while not a huge part of the story (especially the second), are done well.

The SAPD SWAT series isn’t going be for everyone, but I think that it will be a huge hit with the right audience.


Author Info:

Nikki Mays is a pen name that was created from her maiden name. She is a wife and mother, who lives in a small town in New Jersey. She has been with her husband for a decade and is surprised that he’s still alive. She began writing as a creative outlet after becoming a stay at home mom. She decided that she needed something exclusively for herself, not just being mommy. She has two crazy boxers that love to keep that “Evil” mailman out of the yard. Besides writing and spending time with her little hellions, she enjoys cooking & baking. She has recently taken up gardening and made her loving husband plant her a mini fruit tree orchard, as well as a garden taking up half an acre. Nikki loves to be stalked by her readers and encourages all interaction.

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