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Bluestone & Vine

by Donna Kauffman

Pippa MacMillan is a legend on the Irish folk music scene. But when her voice requires a time-out, she’s left wondering how—and where—to find happiness in the silence . . .
Seeking answers, Pippa leaves Ireland in favor of a small town in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Turns out lovely Blue Hollow Falls is the perfect place to heal—and solitary Seth Brogan is the surprisingly perfect host. After all, Seth is beginning again too: turning his renovated stone barn and beautiful hillside into a vineyard is the start of a whole new life for the former Special Forces soldier. Only Mother Nature keeps thwarting both their plans, leaving Pippa snowbound with unsettling thoughts about how life can take unexpected turns . . .
To Pippa’s surprise, she might actually fall for small-town living. She might even fall for Seth, whose quiet strength is a balm for her world-weary soul. But when the music starts once more, will she follow her fortune back to Ireland, or surrender to the call of her heart?

I love the way that Kauffman develops her characters and her stories.  These people felt real and their situations were believable & didn’t involve a ton of turmoil.  Instead we have two people who meet, fall for each other (but resist because of circumstances), and then have to figure out what life has in store for them when their hearts become too involved.

Pippa is a delight.  She’s strong, beautiful, and has a love of life that is just so addictive.  Her trip to Blue Hollow Falls is about facing her fears over her voice, which she has to face if she’s going to return to a career she loves so very much.  What she didn’t count on is finding a whole town of people to capture her heart, especially Seth.

Seth also has a plan for his life that didn’t include falling in love but Pippa is pretty darn hard to resist.  The man is kind, caring, and yet such a man 🙂  Watching him resist and then finally give in is just so much fun.

The secondary characters and their relationships with each other is just as important as the main romance.  This is a group that loves and supports each other, and it just warms my heart.  Part of that is the glimpse we got of our likely next hero – Will, with his immense love for his son but also his overwhelming grief for his late wife.  Kauffman is probably going to rip my heart to shreds before it is over but she’s going to make me love every minute of it!