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Until We’re More

Fighting for Her series

by Cindi Madsen

Chelsea is smart, funny, gorgeous, and the best friend I’ve ever had. Ever since she left, I’ve been a wreck. I’ve been focused on keeping my family’s MMA gym afloat while I train and coach fighters, anything to not miss her more. But now she’s finally back, along with her grumpy, possessive cat, and things are weird between us.

By weird, I mean I can’t stop thinking about her in that way. She’s in the room next door, and it takes all my control not to storm in there, sweep her up, and bring her back to my bed. Even stranger, I’m pretty sure she’d be into it.

And this time, I’m not going to stop fighting until we’re more.

Madsen perfectly captures Liam and Chelsea’s conflict.  They both are struggling with their attraction but their friendship is so massively important that just the thought of endangering that is unthinkable.  And she makes sure that readers get that – we understand how they support each other and how they suffered with the recent distance in their relationship.  But sometimes things are bigger than you can control and even though it takes a while they finally give in … and it is wonderful.  For a while 🙂

As is probably evident, there is a bit of back and forth here that might get old for some readers but for me Madsen uses it to really bring home how important this decision is for them.  It would normally bother me, and I did want to smack them (especially Liam) more than once, but it works for this story.  So while it may be a slow burn romance, Madsen makes sure that the journey is full of humor, cuteness, and touching moments to keep readers going.  Before she turns on the steam!