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One Last Kiss

a Blushing Bay novella

by Annie Rains

Acclaimed chef, Abby Sawyer has been offered a chance to host her own cooking show. The catch is that it involves leaving Blushing Bay, North Carolina. There’s nothing left for her in the small coastal town anyway. When she gets locked in her restaurant’s basement with her estranged husband, however, she’s not going anywhere. And she’ll either end up killing or kissing her ex before the night is over. 

Even though they’ve been separated for two years, commercial fisherman Sam Sawyer is devastated when he’s served divorce papers. He refuses to sign until he and Abby have talked. Knowing she’s alone at her restaurant this weekend, he heads over and finds her downstairs in the basement–just before the door slams shut and locks them in. Being trapped in a cellar means there’s nowhere to hide from the secrets they’ve been harboring. Sam is putting everything on the table tonight, including his heart, and hoping to win Abby back for good.

(While I think those that have read this series before will be most invested in the resolution of Abby & Sam’s troubles, this can easily stand on its own.)

In One Last Kiss, Rains beautifully captures how quickly a relationship can sour due to communication issues.  Abby and Sam love each other deeply but have been apart for years.  Both of them reacted emotionally (understandably) to situations and made some assumptions about the others feelings but because they didn’t talk to each other about what was going on things quickly got out of hand.  When they finally clear the air, Rains does a fantastic job of making sure that readers feel for both of them on how things got so bad.

It may be a short read but Rains knows how to pack a punch.  Her characters are very human and deal with life honestly & realistically.  While I would definitely have loved a full length story for these two (publishing issues got in the way), in no way did I feel like I was shorted by getting a novella instead.  While the catalyst to their reunion might have needed to be a little more dramatic, everything afterward was handled with great emotion and the care it deserved for something so important to their futures.