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Come Home to Me

by Liz Talley

Healing the wounds of the past doesn’t come easy in this novel of friendship and forgiveness from award-winning author Liz Talley.

Summer Valentine has returned to Moonlight, South Carolina, a very different woman from the naive wallflower who left years before. These days she’s straightforward and savvy, determined to do right by her son, David—even if that means cashing in her struggling music career in Nashville and returning to the town that drove her away. Sure, she took a fall. But at least she now knows where she stands…

Despite her anger over the past, Summer believes David deserves a relationship with his father, Hunter “Hunt” McCroy. Though Hunt’s illustrious career has faded, privilege still protects him from his worst mistakes.

Someone else is back in Moonlight too: Rhett Bryan, the golden boy of Hollywood, who’s taking stock of his own life after a tragic accident. As his rekindled friendship with Summer quickly deepens, she must reconcile the painful history that ties her to both men—one she’s finally forgiven, one she’s afraid to love—to claim healing and happiness.

I don’t usually like books that has flashbacks but it worked a bit better here.  There aren’t that many of them and Talley does a good job of making them relevant to the happenings in the now.  They cover a very important couple of weeks in Summer’s senior year of high school and with her return to Moonlight those happenings directly impact her relationships now.

Both in the past & now, Talley does a fantastic job of giving her readers characters that are believable.  The teenage versions are exactly as I remember them at that age – maneuvering through the social quagmire of high school, dealing with runaway emotions, and the ability to only really see to about the end of your nose.  As adults, they are flawed but trying their best to do what they think is right.  Unfortunately there are a few hard truths and life lessons that need to be learned before they can truly move forward.  It’s not going to be an easy reunion for any of them but with care they might come out the other side with a little peace.