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Changing the Rules

A Champion Valley Novel

by Erin Kern

The next standalone novel in Erin Kern’s Champion Valley series!

This alpha athlete is about to meet his match…

Cameron Shaw knows exactly what he’s doing when it comes to coaching high school boys on the football field, but caring for a six-year-old girl is a whole different ballgame. When a gorgeous, highly opinionated woman shows up with his niece in tow and claims he’s Piper’s new guardian, Cameron’s first response is “hell no.” But he can’t abandon a little girl who just lost her mother….

Audrey Bennett wasn’t planning to stick around town, but Piper’s gruff, way-too-good-looking-for-his-own-ego uncle clearly needs help. The longer she stays-watching Cameron teach Piper to make pancakes and tie her sparkly pink shoelaces-the harder it is to leave. Especially when he stops arguing and gives Audrey the most toe-curling kiss of her life. But just as she thinks he might be the one, a secret he’s been keeping threatens to tear apart their happy little family.

“Smoldering and sexy and genuinely touching.” -RT Book Reviews on Along Came Trouble

While there were a couple of things that I feel like weren’t resolved, they weren’t related to the romance between Cam & Audrey so I let it go.  I’m OK ignoring little things if I get a great, realistic love story 🙂  And that’s definitely what I liked about Changing the Rules.  Everything felt normal – the slow burn of these two getting to know each other, falling in love, and learning to trust not only the other but themselves.

Both Cam & Audrey had things that happened in their lives that have left them a little burned when it comes to commitment.   With the death of Piper’s mom (Cam’s estranged half-sister) they have to come together to do the right thing for the little girl.  Time and proximity has them getting to know each other and liking what they see.  They still are hesitant, but not so much so that it brings on too much drama.  Instead they just have to learn to listen to their hearts.

Full of cute moments and feelings being explored, I was very pleased with how smoothly Kern brings these two together and has them working their way to being a family.