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Broken Heartstrings

by CC Dragon


True love hurts. Jeff and Ben had it and lost it over a decade ago…

When Jeff is outed and attacked, the country music super star has to face his family and his choices under huge public scrutiny.

Jeff and Ben, his former producer, had a plan to come out and deal with the haters back in the day. Then tragedy struck Jeff’s family and changed everything—except the feelings. Jeff stayed in the closet and Ben walked away.

In the wake of the outing and press, Ben walks back. But why?

Revenge? Gloating? To make peace?

Or maybe for a second chance…

Note: This is a sweet m/m romance

While there is a love story here, it wasn’t the main focus.  Instead Jeff has to deal with the fall-out of being pretty much forced to out himself.  He’s kept it quiet for a long time so there is a lot to deal with – from his family (who handle it like a dream), his fans (which I thought was done very well), and his old boyfriend (hence the love story portion).  It’s not an easy journey for Jeff but I felt that Dragon treats it with the respect and emotion that it deserves.

So while the romance portion of it doesn’t happen until late it definitely shouldn’t stop you from picking up this book.  There are a lot of feels here and every one of them deserve to be savored as you join Jeff on his ride to finding a more true-to-himself place in this world.