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Deserving It

Stolen Moments #3

by Angela Quarles

Stranded by a hurricane. Check. Hotel secured. Check. Hot guy to share it with. Check. No, wait. Not him!

A tough girl with an awkward flirt-game, Claire has long ago given up on catching the eye of Irish hottie Conor and she refuses to change. If he doesn’t like her as is, then screw him. 

A loner workaholic too busy to notice, Conor isn’t looking to nail the next chick–even one as hot as Claire–just his next bonus-earning presentation. 

But when a hurricane strands them in Atlanta and they’re forced to shack up in the same hotel room for several days, things tend to get…exposed.

DESERVING IT is a steamy, standalone romantic comedy from RITA Winning and USA Today bestselling author Angela Quarles with a happy-ever-after and no cheating or cliffhangers.

I’m not usually a fan of romances where there are prickly interactions between the characters.  Usually I feel like one or the other (or both) of them is being an a** but I think that Quarles does a pretty good job here of making it work.  Once they start to get over themselves and connect, they are a good match together.  And being stuck in the same hotel room during a hurricane definitely forces them to get friendly 🙂

I really enjoyed getting to know Conor and he’s such a good guy.  He’s got some insecurities that totally works for him – helps his image and doesn’t take away from his sexiness.  Claire also has a past that has left her with some scars and while I kinda wish she’d been a little more open with Conor I can totally see where she’s coming from.  Thanks to her childhood she’s made herself pretty tough but there’s still soft spots that she’s trying hard to protect.

Deserving It does have a shortened time frame, but with the forced cohabitation and the fact that they have known each other for a while it works for me.  They still have their issues to work through and there is, of course, the minor freak out at the end but I really like the way they find their way to a HEA.

(While part of a series, this one can easily stand on its own.)