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Survive the Night

Rocky Mountain K9 Unit, #3

by Katie Ruggle

He’s always been a haven:

For the lost. The sick. The injured.

But when a hunted woman takes shelter in his arms, this gentle giant swears he’ll do more than heal her battered spirit—he’ll defend her with his life.

K9 Officer Otto Gunnersen always had a soft spot for anyone in need. As Monroe’s very own Dr. Doolittle, he dedicates himself to rehabilitating the injured souls that cross his path—but for all his big heart, he’s never been in love.

Until he meets Sarah Clifton’s haunted eyes. Until he realizes he’ll do anything to save her.

All Sarah wants is to escape a life caught between ambitious crime families, but there’s no outrunning her past. Her power-mad brother would hunt her to the ends of the earth…but he’d never expect Sarah to fight back. With Otto and the whole of Monroe, Colorado by her side, Sarah’s finally ready to face whatever comes her way.

It’s time to take a stand.

Sarah lived an absolutely horrifying life before a slightly shady acquaintance helps her flee.  Said contact, who also helped both Jules & Grace (from the first two books), gets her hidden … unfortunately her brother has a big reach and she doesn’t stay hidden for long.  At that point the shenanigans begin.  And what action-packed shenanigans they are!  Luckily for Sarah she has Otto, along with Theo & Hugh, on her side.  And there’s not much that those guys can’t handle.

Some of Otto’s development and back-story might have been rushed a little bit, what with all the bad guys trying to get them.  But we do get a little glimpse of what made him such a gentle giant, with a big heart and a huge protective streak.  And it takes him all of about half a second to decide he wanted to give all his love and protection to Sarah.  He’ll take on just about anything to keep her safe and in his arms.  And he might have to.

I will admit that I was a little sad that the romance wasn’t as detailed as the action portion of this one.  It seemed to me that Ruggle balanced them a little bit better in the first two books … but man did she deliver an edge of your seat thrill ride with Otto & Sarah’s story.  I found myself glued to the pages and wanting to read just a little bit more, no matter how late it got.  That last third just about gave me an ulcer from all of the stress!  If you are looking for an exciting read, this one definitely cranks things up.

(While technically this one can stand on its own it does tie in to the first two stories.  Both Jules and Grace’s pasts come back into play and is tied in, well & logically, with Sarah’s.)