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The Color of Love

A Blessings Georgia Novel

by Sharon Sala

Welcome to Blessings, Georgia, the best small town in the South.

No, there aren’t many secrets kept there.

And yes, everybody knows your business.

But when bad things happen, good people come to your rescue.

Ruby Dye loves everything about Blessings, Georgia—she loves her hair salon, she treasures the townspeople…and now she has a secret admirer! When she finds out it’s none other than the town’s esteemed lawyer, P. Butterman (“Peanut”), she is beyond thrilled. But her ex-husband has other plans…

Ruby has been a fixture in the Blessings stories (although, like all of them, this book can stand on its own) and I’m so happy to see her finally get her turn.  And you definitely couldn’t ask for a better partner for her than Peanut.  Readers should be prepared though because from the very beginning Sala will pull you in.  And then not let go!

Over the years Ruby has done everything she could to help the people of her town … but she has kept something secret.  An abusive ex, who has decided now is the time to make an appearance.  Things don’t go well and, well, Ruby finds herself tied up & kidnapped.  It’s a harrowing few pages, for us and for her and for Peanut.  Things might get resolved pretty quickly, and in typical Ruby fashion (love that gal!), but it’s going to take a lot of courage to face the aftermath.

With Ruby’s kidnapping, Peanut realizes what his inaction might have cost him and he’s not willing to let another moment go by without Ruby knowing exactly how he feels about her.  And because Peanut is just about perfect, he does it with lots of heart, understanding, and down-home charm.  And because Ruby is Ruby, she handles it with her typical sass and spunk … eventually.  It’s not easy to take on everything that life throws at her, with barely giving her a breath, but she has the courage and spine to take on whatever she has to with style.  You have to admire how she faces things head on, even when seems like it won’t end.

The Color of Love starts off with a bang and barely manages to slow down before it gets you again.  With a bit of danger and a whole lot of heart, Sala once again shows us why she’s a master writer.