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True Horizon

Warriors of the Heart Series

by Laurie Winter

Back home on her family’s Texas Longhorn ranch, Grace Murray is busy preparing for her wedding. After a scruffy tattooed drifter saves her life, she takes on the mission of helping her savior, Heath Carter, find peace. The steady friendship and unconditional acceptance she receives from him encourages her to trade an old dream for a new one—a dream true to her heart. When she calls off her wedding, Grace is finally set free to fully love Heath.

After a decade of military service, Special Forces veteran Heath Carter is living with war’s tragic consequences.  Struggling with PTSD, anger, and guilt, he travels through Texas, solitarily moving from job to job. Working with Grace on the ranch, Heath’s guilt over his past actions make him feel unworthy of her love. As their paths lead them in different directions, Heath needs to discover the courage to fight his toughest battle yet—the one inside himself.

There is so much emotion in True Horizon I’m not sure where to start 🙂  Now is Grace’s time to decide what she wants as an adult.  She’s spent years thinking she wanted one thing and now that she’s at the point of getting it she had to decide if that’s what she really wants.  Is the life she’s leading, the man she’s marrying, really the future that will make her happy?

Heath has been running from life but an unexpected stop at Grace’s family ranch has him evaluating his choices as well.  He’s got a lot of baggage he’s carrying around with him thanks to his past but time spent with the Murray’s means that he’s taking a look at where he’s going.  It’s not going to be easy but with faith, love, and effort he just might be able to come to terms with it.

This is definitely not a quick read – there’s a lot of meat to it so you need to take the time to really get into it.  Really feel those good and bad moments, to take it all in and enjoy it all.