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Nothing to Fear

A Blackbridge Novel

by Claire Boston

The gifts were innocent… at first.

All Hannah Novak wants to do is to live a simple life, but her traumatic past refuses to let go. Her trust in men is at an all-time low, but when she becomes the target of a dangerous stalker she’s forced into close proximity with the sexy new cop in town.

Ryan Kilpatrick has travelled across the country to get away from his manipulative ex-wife. Now, all he wants is to build a stable, loving home for his son. The last thing he needs is to be attracted to the secretive Hannah but he’s duty-bound to protect her.

As the stalker’s gifts turn nasty, and time is running out, Hannah must face her fears and learn to trust again. Because if she doesn’t, she may not get a second chance. 

I have been a fan of Claire Boston since I read What Goes on Tour (LOVE you Adrian!) and so I’m always excited to get a chance to read one of her books.  She does a great job of delivering not only a darn good love story but also creating a dynamic world full of interesting characters.  Occasionally she likes to throw in some suspense or danger just to keep you on your toes 😉

With Nothing to Fear we get a group of friends that have been together for decades and they are still there to support one another every day.  That connection has helped prop up Hannah since her father murdered her mother and assaulted in college.  She’s managed to keep the latter a secret but she’s relied on her friends to keep her going.  Now there’s a threat and she going to have to face her past whether she’s ready or not.

Ryan is new in town and finds himself drawn to Hannah.  Obviously something has happened to her to make her so skittish but he’s such a patient man that he’s willing to wait her out.  He’s had a history of his own so it helps him understand exactly what she needs.

While the love story and Hannah coming to terms with her past is very well done, add in the mystery of who is leaving her gifts and I couldn’t turn pages fast enough!  Boston does a great job of balancing both and keeping your attention until you get to the bitter end.  It’s not an easy journey for Hannah but with her support in place and by listening to both her head & her heart she can overcome anything.