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Texas Paranormals #2

by Christi Snow

A year ago Corey Abbott’s life entered the realm of the bizarre when he discovered the things that go bump in the night are real. But working for the local vampire council didn’t prepare him for were-deer shifters.

Nine months ago Dare Buckley’s herd abandoned him. Now, he’s slowly going mad from Lyme disease…something that doesn’t hurt normal deer, but for were-deer is fatal.

On one snowy, sleet-filled night, the two collided…literally.

This Christmas two men find love in the most unexpected place…a lonely, desolate highway.

It’s definitely not your typical meet-cute, but it’s a twist of fate that would even make Santa happy.

I personally think that you have to throw all thoughts on how things are supposed to be out the window when you read a paranormal story.  All of these worlds have their own rules and you just have to let them unfold for you as you go along.  And Snow’s Texas Paranormals is no different.  But that doesn’t mean that just because her world is not like ours that it isn’t interesting and fun.

Shiver is a novella so the time frame is compacted but because it involves weres there can be a good reason for the speed in which Corey and Dare get involved.  And while it is short it never felt rushed – instead Snow gives us an interesting world, appealing characters, and a satisfying story.  I really appreciated that because of its shorter length there was very little time for drama.  Instead we get an introduction to our two characters, details of their pasts, and a whole lot of the sexy before we get an enjoyable resolution to Dare’s medical issue (complete with a HEA).

(This is the first in the series that I’ve read but I don’t think it mattered.  It seemed to me that Snow does a great job of filling you in on what happened as it applied to Corey.)