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A Reckless Redemption

Spies and Lovers series

by Laura Trentham

Warning: Contains a broody Scotsman, a fiery-haired lass, and a night of passion that changes everything. Readers are encouraged to bring a fan.

Can a single night’s deception lead to a lifelong love?

On the eve of her wedding to a man she detests, Brynmore McCann can think of only one way to escape—by ruining herself—but the local lads leave her wholly uninspired. Just as she’s ready to accept her fate, she spots Maxwell Drake, home after nearly a decade. Even though he had loved her sister when they were young, Bryn has always considered him hers, and she can’t think of anyone she’d rather have bed her for the first time. Only she never intends for him to uncover her real name.

Upon returning home, Maxwell is stunned by the news that his father may have left him an inheritance. As the unacknowledged by-blow of a local nobleman, Maxwell struggles with resentment over the way he and his mother were treated by his father and the village. To add to his troubles, he discovers the lass he spent an incredibly satisfying night with was not the village whore, but the high-born sister of his first love. He insists Brynmore travel with him to Edinburgh until they determine if she is with child. Because if she is, she’ll marry him whether she wants to or not.

Along the road to Edinburgh, they are attacked by persons unknown. As the list of suspects who want them dead grows longer and his worries deepen, Maxwell prepares for an even more personal battle—how to keep from surrendering his heart to Brynmore.

I’m an avid reader of Trentham’s contemporary series but this is the first of her historicals I’ve read.  (And it can easily stand on it’s own so don’t worry if this is your first too 🙂 )  I found A Reckless Redemption to be a fun adventure.  There’s suspense and danger, love and sizzle, plus all the feels you could want.  All of those wonderful things that make a good love story!

Bryn’s somehow found herself in a whole mess of trouble and she’s not sure why.  Her step-sister is forcing her to marry (against her will) an abusive brute and Bryn’s desperate to find a way out.  How lucky for her an unrequited love from her childhood shows up at just the right time … or maybe not because things get even more complicated.

Maxwell’s life hasn’t been easy.  As a child he was treated horribly because he was the bastard son of a nobleman and only managed to survive due to kindness of others.  After he left to join the military, there was war … yeah, that’s gonna leave some scars (inside and out).  So while he’s grown into a good man, he’s got a lot of walls built up.  Then he meets Bryn again and the poor man doesn’t stand a chance.

I loved these two together.  Maxwell tries to be all stern and standoffish but its really hard to hide that those walls are starting to crumble.  All of his hardships have left him gun-shy but the man really needs someone to care for him.  And no one on earth has a bigger heart that Bryn.  She’s forever taking care of others and it takes about two minutes for her to charm just about everyone she meets!

There’s some shenanigans over the reason for the marriage and Maxwell’s inheritance that lead them into all sorts of mischief and danger.  Trentham makes sure it all wraps up nicely at the end but she does take you on quite the ride to get there.

While they may find themselves in a bit of trouble at the moment, if Bryn and Maxwell work together there is just about nothing that they can’t overcome.  As long as they are willing to take a chance with their hearts … yeah, that leads to some troubles even more dangerous than the people trying to kill them!  But you know they’ll figure it out and manage to get a HEA before its all over.