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Becoming Bella

The Ghost Falls series

by Sarah Hegger

This Christmas, a good reputation can really get in a girl’s way . . .

As long as she can remember, Bella Erikson’s been the unofficial sweetheart of Ghost Falls, Utah. And ever since Nate Evans dipped her braids in purple paint in the first grade, he’s been her dream guy. Not that she minds the attention, but sometimes she wishes people saw more in her than just the girl who still has a crush on Sheriff Evans. She has a life after all, a new dress shop to run, and more mature relationships to pursue . . .

Nate knows he’s not good enough for sweet Bella. But he’s pretty sure the new guy sending her heart emojis and giant bouquets isn’t either. And when Bella’s suitor turns stalker, protecting Bella isn’t just Nate’s instinct—it’s his duty. Crammed together for safety and really talking for the first time in years, Bella and Nate can’t fight the moment their chemistry turns into pyrotechnics. Whether it will burn them out or light up the sky, only time will tell . . .

Bella and her decades old crush on Nate is so darn cute.  And you have to feel for her because it definitely isn’t a secret – the whole town knows and isn’t afraid to point it out.  But you have to give her some credit for trying to move on … except she happens to do it with a stalker.  Yeah, that didn’t go so well.  The good part is that it puts her in close proximity to Nate and finally has him addressing his own feelings.  And the bad part is, well, there’s a stalker.

I think that Hegger handles that part really well.  There’s danger but she never makes light of the situation.  It is a serious issue and they take it as such.  I think she also handles everyone’s feelings well too.  Now, some may think that with a stalker on the loose that Mr. Alpha Sheriff might want to tone it done a few times but Bella doesn’t seem to mind 🙂

It’s a slow process for Nate to forgive himself for his past and figure out that he’s good enough for Bella.  But lucky for him she’s willing to wait him out.  And once he gets his act together, Nate is definitely gold in the SO department.