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So Bad It Must Be Good

by Nicole Helm

Wrong guy. Wrong situation. Might be right.

Free of her overbearing family and their dreams, not hers, Kayla Gallagher is living for herself instead of for her clan’s successful restaurant. Step One: finally make her move on Aiden Patrick, the bad-boy son of Gallagher’s long-time repairman. Too bad Aidan’s taciturn older brother shows up instead . . .

As the “responsible Patrick,” Liam has always made a conscious choice to do the right thing. He likes fixing things for people—whether it be a broken appliance or a bad situation. Which means he can’t just brush off the quiet Gallagher. Clearly, she needs a shoulder to lean on. But suddenly a shoulder becomes so much more, and Kayla isn’t the quiet little girl she used to be. She’s a vivid, down-for-anything woman showing Liam several sizzling ways to put passion first . . .

As things heat up between them, Liam’s family threatens to come apart for good. The only way Liam can set things right means giving up Kayla. But she’s not about to take no for an answer—or let their chance for something sweeter than desire crash-and burn without a fight.

I think that some readers may have a problem with Kayla.  She’s at a crossroads in her life and she seems to have spent quite a bit of time moping about it instead of actually doing anything constructive.  Doesn’t even seem like she’s done any real soul searching.  Instead she seems to be waiting for things to come to her and push her where she needs to be.  Lucky for her she runs into Liam.

Liam has always lost any coolness he might have when he’s around Kayla.  As they spends some time together, though, things start to change and their attraction begins to grow.  He shows himself to be an awesomely sexy closet alpha that is just looking for the right woman to complete his life.  Unfortunately his role as the family fixer may throw their romance a few curve balls.

It’s not easy juggling everything for everyone but Liam has a need to try and it just happens to conflict with Kayla’s issues stemming from her relationship with her own family.  I’m not saying that there isn’t a problem with the Patrick family dynamic, just that unfortunately it crosses uncomfortably with the Gallagher’s.  It’s not a good situation for either of them but luckily they work through it well and quickly.