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Run to You

Risking It All #1

by Rachel Lacey


Moments after meeting the most gorgeous guy ever, Gabby Winters promptly gets stung by a zillion yellowjackets and falls-not gracefully-into a stream. Yup, Ethan Hunter is trouble with a capital “hot,” and Gabby definitely needs to keep her distance. Except in the small town of Haven, there’s nowhere to hide from Ethan’s sexy, infectious grin . . . and all the residents are conspiring against her.

At the center of the town’s matchmaking is Ethan’s grandmother, who’s convinced their relationship is a done deal. Rather than break her heart, Gabby and Ethan find themselves cornered into pretending to be falling in love. The problem: there’s serious sizzling attraction between them. And if this charade continues, they won’t fool just the entire town – they might fool themselves too . . .

No one is going to be all that surprised by how this one goes – they try a fake relationship, the feelings start getting real, there is a freak out moment from one or both of them, then the make-up and HEA.  But that doesn’t mean it isn’t an enjoyable read.  There are some great characters here beyond the main couple.  We get Ethan’s friends (who are obviously going to get their own books) but there are also a darling spitfire of a grandmother (who will just steal your heart) and quirky townsfolk to add color.

Ethan and Gabby are good together and their agreement is a double-edged sword.  While they probably wouldn’t have gotten together otherwise, they have a connection that they might have been willing to work with a little better without the parameters they set for it.  They both have issues that they need to work through with Ethan’s fear of being like his dad & Gabby’s bad relationship history and they help each other come to terms with it.  It takes some doing, and of course some drama, but they eventually get there.  I have to admire Gabby’s gumption – the girl stands tall when she needs to and that means a lot.