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From a troubled rocker to a troubled SEAL, it’s a week for men who need help finding their way …


Finding Purpose

Colorado Veterans series

by Tiffani Lynn


Once upon a time, when Quincy Hannigan needed saving, he was there to hold her hand. Years have passed since she was that weak, broken girl; instead, a strong, intelligent woman stands in her place. She’s making the world a better place one arrest at a time and has everything she’s always wanted—except Judson Rivers.

When Judson’s father died suddenly, he dropped out of college and became a Navy SEAL. He left everything from his old life behind, including the girl he loved, but never told—Quincy. After ten years, Judson’s military career ends abruptly when the vehicle he’s in runs over an IED. He has his hands full learning to live with one leg, PTSD and a civilian life he wasn’t ready to return to.

Judson and Quincy are reunited when their mentor dies. Once Quincy realizes the depth of his pain, she knows it’s her turn to be the savior. Years of pent-up passion are unleashed, but it may be too late if Judson can’t crawl out of hell. Quincy has every intention of healing this wounded warrior before his demons are the ones who determine his fate.



I turn the knob and step inside. Relaxed on the love seat by the bay window, she lifts her eyes to mine. Her legs are curled up under her, hair still up, book in hand and she’s now wearing a pair of sexy black-framed librarian glasses. I feel a stirring in my pants and the shock of it must register on my face because her forehead wrinkles as she asks, “Are you okay?”

I’d love to tell her I’m great, but I don’t think she’d be quite as impressed by the beginnings of a hard-on as I am. This is the first time I’ve had any kind of action down there since the accident. The doctor told me not to worry about it, the function would eventually return, it’s mental more than physical, but I was afraid it never would. For a guy my age, no blood flow to the dick is a terrifying thought.

I cross my hands down low, trying to discreetly cover up. She’d never understand. Who gets a boner the same day he buries someone close to him?

“Yeah, I’m okay. I just wanted to come and say goodbye.”

She lifts the glasses from her face and sets them on top of the book she’s placed on the table next to where she’s seated. When she stands and takes a few steps toward me I realize my heart is pounding harder than it was when I knocked on the door, like I’ve run a few miles. It’s been far too long since I’ve had this kind of reaction to a woman.

“How long are you staying?” I inquire.

“A couple of weeks. I promised the Colonel I’d help Ms. Polly take care of everything. We have to go through some things out in the shed this week too. Are you leaving to go back East right away?”

“No. I’m moving back here. I’m staying at one of those extended stay hotels by the interstate until I can find something. If you need help going through any of his stuff or lifting some of those things, let me know. I don’t have a lot on my schedule yet.”

Her head tilts and her eyes narrow like she’s trying to figure out if my offer is genuine.

I lift up my hands in a gesture of surrender as I say, “I’m not saying you can’t do it, just that I’m available if you want help. I’ll write my cell number down and you can use it, or not.”

She watches me intently as I jot down my number and leave it on the table. Then I walk back over, place my hands on her shoulders, kiss her forehead, lingering a little longer than I should so I can absorb the scent of her again, and limp out the door. I don’t wait to see if she has anything to say or any reaction to the chaste kiss. My heart and body both ache and I wish I were a different man. A better man. One that could have a woman as beautiful and amazing as she is and be worthy of her.



For me, this book is  an interesting mishmash of things – we have the first part (most of the story, actually) with Quincy and Judson coming together again and addressing their feelings for each other, plus his issues with losing his leg.  Next there’s a short bit over halfway thru where they can’t keep their hands off each other and it feels a bit like an erotic novel (not that I’m complaining, mind you  🙂 ).  And then at the end there’s some suspense and danger.  It all moves together and the story is great all around but it almost feels like separate sections instead of one continuous flow.  It didn’t bother me but I’m throwing it out there just in case it might bug you.

There is a ton of conflict and tangled emotions in the early parts.  Both Quincy and Judson have had feelings for each other for more than a decade but his time as a SEAL separated them.  Not that that stopped the love, just kept it buried, and now that they are together it’s hard to keep ignoring it.  Except that Judson’s having problems figuring out who he is since he left the SEALs, believing himself to be less of a man.  He’s struggled for a long time and cut himself off from people who cared.  Instead he’s self-medicating and drowning in negative emotions.  There are a lot (and I mean A LOT) of ups and downs as they deal with all the turmoil and try to get to a healthy place, whether that’s together or apart.

Once they do, though, it is a lovely thing.  I like how they find a life that fits them both and makes them happy.  It’s not all smooth sailing (don’t forget the whole suspense element is out there, just waiting to strike) but it does help them get a hard-won HEA that makes up for all the bumps along the way.  Plus, an epilogue that tugs at your heart while teasing at the second story in the series.

As long as the way the story moves isn’t going to be an issue for you, Finding Purpose has a lot of great things to offer.  The complicated characters and attention grabbing beginning definitely had me hooked!  I didn’t want to put it down and I’m looking forward to finding out what comes next.


Author Info:

Tiffani currently resides in Florida with her husband, three daughters and chunky yellow lab. She graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in social science and spent five years working for Hospice. When she’s not writing or taxiing her children around she enjoys reading and attending concerts. Tiffani is also a crazed fan of the Tampa Bay Lightning, Tampa Bay Rays, and the 2016 World Series Champion Chicago Cubs.



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