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Hero in Disguise

by Sharla Lovelace

“Sharla Lovelace’s prose is smart, witty, funny, with a hot sexy edge.” —Kathryn Magendie, author of Tender Graces

Billionaire Jake Jericho has it all, except for the one thing he wants—something real. Twice in his life he’s found that. Once as a delinquent teenager when he was sent to work on a ranch, then later in the arms of Harper Haley, the only girl he ever loved. One helped shape him. The other he had to leave behind.

Harper learned the hard way that trusting Jake only leads to heartbreak, and twelve years later she’s structured her life with a singular focus—to keep running the coffee shop started by her late mother. But now a giant development firm run by Jake’s father wants to level the waterfront neighborhood she calls home, and her shop is on the chopping block.

Forced to turn to Jake for help after all these years, Harper will have to risk everything to save the one dream she has left, and Jake will have to prove he can be the man he never was to save the only woman he’s ever loved.

This novella first appeared as part of the Heartbreakers and Heroes boxed set.

This was such a sweet little story about finding your strength and second chances.  Jake is one of those entitled rich kids who thinks he can get away with anything.  Until he’s sent to work a ranch after getting caught breaking the law.  The man who ran it managed to teach him how to be worthy, but old habits are hard to break and it doesn’t take long for him to slip back into his old life again.  It’s been over a decade but he’s about to have a reason to find his way again.

At 18 Harper fell in love with Jake (without knowing who he was) but then he left her just when she gave him her heart.  It’s been years and he’s just stepped back into her life.  Even worse, he won’t go away.  After everything, she still finds him hard to resist.

Even though Jake lost himself in his shallow lifestyle again, when his eyes get opened he does a great job of stepping up.  I enjoyed his journey as he discovered how to be a good man again, stand tall and be strong for something important even if it means going against his own father.  But he’s hiding who he is from Harper and although he thinks he has his reasons you know it isn’t going to end well.

Lovelace does a great job of showing Jake’s progress and making the business thing with his company (which could easily have been boring) work with the love story.  The story is short but she packs in a great deal of heart, growth, and forgiveness.