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We’ve seen Tonya Burrows quite a few times before and I’m super excited to bring everyone the final installment in her Wilde Security series.  We’re gonna celebrate Friday with a sexy, but haunted soldier … and he’s gonna finally meet his match!


too-wilde-to-tame-coverToo Wilde to Tame

Wilde Security, #5

by Tonya Burrows

Publication Date: February 27, 2017

Genres: Adult, Entangled: Ignite, Contemporary, Romance


For three years, ballet teacher Natalie Taggart has lived across the hall from grumpy, reclusive, sexy Greer Wilde. Save for a handful of hellos and the occasional heated glance, they never spoke to each other.

Until the morning Greer lands on her doorstep, bleeding, beaten, and bullet-riddled.

Greer doesn’t need or want her help. He has only one goal: revenge. And nobody—not his brothers, and certainly not his too-hot-for-his-sanity next-door neighbor—is going to get in his way.

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“Who said anything about a relationship?” She grinned as Greer’s scowl darkened. “Besides, if he’s divorced, that means he’s unattached. Sounds like a perfect partner for some horizontal dancing.”

He grumbled and tossed back the pills, then snatched the glass of water out of her hand. “Find a different partner.”

A little thrill danced through her heart, and she drew a deep breath to calm it. Even though he was trying to brush it off, he didn’t like the thought of her with Jesse. Was he jealous? She should take pity on him and tell him he had no reason to be—yes, Jesse was hot, but he wasn’t the neighbor she’d been crushing on for the last couple of years.


She kind of liked that he was jealous. Nice to know she wasn’t the only one to notice the tug of attraction between them.

Feeling bold, she asked, “A different partner? Like you?”

Well, he didn’t spit out his water. That was a good sign.

He swallowed the gulp he’d taken, then slowly lowered the glass to the coffee table. For a handful of seconds, he watched her, considering. Lust burned in his gaze as he swept it down her body. He was clearly playing out that horizontal dance in his mind’s eye.

But then he shook his head. “You’re too complicated.”

She planted her hands on her hips and glowered down at him. “Oh?” She laced the word with as much sarcasm as she could fit into one syllable. “I’m complicated?” She wasn’t the one with Syrian money in her wallet, a bullet hole in her side, and a connection with a top-secret military base.

“How’s that?”

If he was at all fazed by her snark, he didn’t show it. “You’re too close.”

“To what?” she demanded.

“To me.”




I’ve only read a couple of Burrows’s books (the first couple of the HORNET series and the first in the Wilde series) but I remember loving what I read.  I went through a period where I wasn’t all that interested in military/suspense romances so I missed quite a few in both series … and now I am SO regretting that decision!  I loved these men and the spunky women who brought them to heel.  I’m definitely adding her backlist to my TBR pile  🙂

Only having read one of the Wilde books I’m not sure how much the death of their parents played a part in their books, other than the obvious emotional issues.  It definitely takes front and center here where Greer is on a mission to revenge their deaths by taking out the man that killed them.  But you know it isn’t going to be as easy as that, right?  Injured, he lands on his neighbor’s doorstep and things only get more complicated from there.

Tally has an awesome mix of strength and heart.  She understands what Greer needs at any given moment, even if he resists her more often than not  🙂  She’s definitely what he needs whether he will admit it – single-mindedly focused on his mission, he might not want a pretty voice of reason to get in his way but that doesn’t stop her from getting involved.  I loved the back and forth between them.  They make a great couple and meeting her starts him on the path to being the man that he can be.

Without any other story to guide me, the who-dun-it around the Wilde family is intricate and feels nicely complete.  It kept me interested from start to finish and I was really satisfied with how it all tied together.  The story is just as much about Greer’s redemption and the relationship that he develops with Tally (and redevelops with his brothers) but Burrows doesn’t scrimp on the suspense element.

For someone who isn’t all that familiar with the Wilde’s I didn’t ever feel left out.  You can definitely start here but I have a feeling you’ll be adding some books to your TBR pile too!  And I think that returning readers will love to see some of the favorites again, but also feel a little sad that it is coming to an end.  But it won’t last long because Burrows is bound to give them something else great soon.


And here’s your chance to catch up on the rest of the series!

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tonya-burrowsAuthor Info:

Tonya Burrows wrote her first romance in 8th grade and hasn’t put down her pen since. Originally from a small town in Western New York, she suffers from a bad case of wanderlust and usually ends up moving someplace new every few years. Luckily, her two dogs and ginormous cat are excellent travel buddies.

When she’s not writing about hunky military heroes, Tonya can usually be found at a bookstore or the dog park. She also enjoys painting, watching movies, and her daily barre workouts. A geek at heart, she pledges her TV fandom to Supernatural and Dr. Who.

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