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cover100771-mediumFalling for Kate

An Angel’s Lake Novella

by Jody Holford

He needs a nanny.

She needs a job.

Hoping to open a clothing boutique in her hometown, Kate Aarons is ready for the next phase of her life. Before she can set her dreams in motion, she needs a job to get her shop up and running.

Tired of his ex’s unpredictable and transient lifestyle, single father, Elliot Peters, wants to give his twin daughters a stable life. Going from sometime dad to full-time dad is harder than he expected. But sweet, sexy Kate could be the answer he needs.

Working for Elliot proves to be the perfect situation. But when sparks fly between them, Kate worries about finding her place in a ready-made family. Can Elliott convince Kate that forever started the second he fell for her?

This is my first in the Angel’s Lake series but it easily stands on its own.  It looks like Kate’s sisters have stories and there are some mention of the events from them in this book, although Holford does a good job of keeping new readers up to speed.

There isn’t a lot of drama here, which I appreciate.  Kate and Elliot have known each other for a while, with an ignored attraction bubbling just under the surface.  They’ve never been at a point in their lives where it was something they could act on … until now.  It’s sweet to be there with them as they finally give in and start exploring their growing feelings.  As a couple they are funny and sweet – they click so well and genuinely like & understand each other, as well as throw off a few sparks 🙂

Of course, it’s not all flowers and chocolate.  There are some logistic issues involving his kids and their associated friends & family (like the fact that Elliot works for Kate’s brother-in-law and also has a drama-filled relationship with his ex).  It never gets too angsty, though, just enough to make things believable and have you smiling when they finally get to that HEA moment.

If this is an indication of what Holford’s work is like, I’m adding her to my go-to author list.  The writing flows really well, the characters are charming & easy to like, and the story is interesting & fun to read.  Feel good and entertaining … my idea of a great book!