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30955253Blaze a Trail

The Flanagan Sisters #3

by Claire Boston


They’re from the opposite ends of town but they’re worlds apart.

Zita Flanagan wants more. She wants to help more Central American refugees and make more of an impact. But her family comes first and fulfilling her own dreams seems impossible.

David Randall leads a privileged life and knows nothing about refugee issues. When he meets dynamic, sexy Zita, it seems like the perfect opportunity to learn. Zita’s passion for helping those less fortunate and her selfless devotion to the girls her mother fosters brings David’s life sharply into perspective.

Zita soon realizes that David is so much more than a rich boy. She begins to trust him with her foster sisters’ stories, and her own hopes and dreams. But when David’s father announces he’s running for governor and the focus of his campaign is the ‘refugee problem’, Zita has grave concerns for her sisters’ safety. Then David’s betrayal exposes secrets, and it becomes a race against time to save lives.

Can David convince Zita to trust him again, or will his mistake put the life of the woman he loves in jeopardy?

I knew when I met David in Change of Heart that Boston just HAD to bring him back for his own story.  And since there was just one sister left … tada!  🙂

I really like David and the moments of introspection he goes thru – not only does he have to evaluate his own life, but also that of his family.  Time with Zita shakes things up for him and not just romantically.  Seeing firsthand everything that her family does to support their foster girls gives him access to a world he knows nothing about and that is deeply affecting many people today (especially in this election year).  I think that Boston handles it well – never getting too preachy but giving her readers a feel for the personal side around immigration.

Zita has taken on a lot of her family’s work with the foster girls.  Being the only one at home, with her sisters living their own lives (but helping in their own way), puts a lot of strain on her.  She feels like she HAS to do so much for her mom that she can’t pursue her own wants and dreams.  I totally get where she’s coming from and I love how supportive her family & David are when it becomes obvious she wants to help in a different way.

I am also pleased that we got that little bit of danger like we had in Break the Rules, as it added just a little bit extra to an already emotionally packed story.  It fits well with the story and also gives Zita a chance to shine a bit more, while giving David that redeeming (and humbling) moment he needs.  She’s the one that has to be in charge here and he is strong enough to recognize it & support her.

The things that the foster girls and the Flanagan women deal with is not easy and Boston doesn’t really soften it much for you.  These are horrible situations and a touchy one for many people.  You have to be OK with taking on a lot of heartache with your HEA, but you’ll definitely be glad you did.

(While the story can stand on its own, returning readers will appreciate seeing more of the characters they’ve grown to love and getting to know Zita & David even better.  Plus, we get a peek at the next Flanagan … and it isn’t a sister  🙂 )