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cover94554-mediumHoliday in Your Heart

A Caribou Crossing Romance

by Susan Fox

It’s Christmas in the cozy Western town of Caribou Crossing, the season for homecoming, forgiveness, and—just maybe—the gift of a fresh start…

As the holidays approach, the air is filled with the festive sounds of bells chiming and carolers singing. Maribeth Scott loves Christmas, but she’s pretty sure that after years of waiting, Santa isn’t finally going to gift her with Mr. Right. In fact, the only thing she truly wants for Christmas is a baby to love. At thirty-nine, she’s determined to become a mother and she will make it happen, even if she has to do it on her own.

When Mo Kincaid returns to the rustic town after almost twenty years away, he’s seeking redemption from his checkered past. The last thing on his mind is romance, and he’s certain he doesn’t deserve it. But now there’s irresistible Maribeth, showing him the true spirit of Christmas and winning his heart. For the first time in Mo’s life, the future looks bright. Only one thing stands between them: Maribeth’s deep desire for a child and Mo’s conviction that he’s too flawed to be a father. Is his world-weary heart ready to take the ultimate leap of faith?

So, this is my first Caribou Crossing book and I really enjoyed it.  It’s got that perfect amount of drama, romance, humor and growth.

Not having read any of the other stories I didn’t have an opinion of Mo or Maribeth coming into this and I think that helped a bit.  From the beginning Mo is honest about what a bad person he was in his youth.  But he’s matured a lot and is now a stand-up guy, back in town to try to make amends to his ex and his son.  Considering the both of them have had stories, returning readers might find it a little harder time letting him in, but I was drawn to him right away.  His honesty about the man he used to be and the way he doesn’t expect anything positive drew me to him.  I was rooting for him to finally find a place to call home, someone to love and accept him so that he could finish becoming that better man.

I’m not sure what role Maribeth has played before, other than that of a friend.  She seems to be pretty comfortable with herself (maybe too comfortable sometimes  🙂 ) but her life hasn’t turned out quite like she expected.  Alone and approaching her 40th birthday she’s at the point of taking matters into her own hands when pure luck puts her into Mo’s orbit.  While she does a little growing of her own, more importantly she provides the acceptance that Mo needs and helps push him into stepping even further outside of his comfort zone and connecting to the people around him.  Helps him dream of something more and find the family that he didn’t know he wanted.  She doesn’t try to change him too much, accepting the person he is, but she pushes him to look into himself and want more than he ever thought he deserved.

Based on this I may have to go back and check out Fox’s backlist.  She’s got a great talent for delivering delightful reads full of friends & family, a little steam and a whole lotta heart, great characters and straightforward, emotion driven stories.