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Erotically Bound Book 2

by Francesca Hawley

Curious Sub seeking the perfect Dom…

Karen Eckberg has spent months in front of a webcam, writhing and moaning, dutifully performing to Master Lars’ voiced commands. She’s sexually alive for the first time in her life but when her perfect Dom turns out to be none-other than her high school crush “Aw Shucks” Andy Larson, life takes an even more sensual turn than she’d ever expected.

Karen is everything Andy Larson has ever wanted in a sub, achingly responsive and eager to please her Master in every way. Unfortunately, their red-hot affair both in and out of the dungeon draws unwanted attention from his possessive ex-wife fueling Andy’s protective streak.

And now there’s no safe word that can protect Karen from a woman scorned.

While I know this book isn’t going to be for everyone, I think that those that do give it a chance are going to enjoy themselves.  We get a bit of the kink out of the way early on, with a trip to a BDSM club, but after that it is mostly just really hot sex (with the occasional Sir or Master thrown in).  The main story though is about finding the match for you and weathering some rough times.  It’s nice to see Andy find someone that fits so well with him, especially after how unfulfilling his first marriage was.  And he does a great job supporting Karen and showing her what a fantastic person he thinks she is.  I liked watching them develop their relationship into something that works for them.  And as awful as she is, I also liked seeing them handle his ex together.

You should know what you are getting into from the title, so there should be no surprises there.  And while it isn’t my main genre of romance, I’m not the type to turn away from a little of the heavy stuff J  I’m sure there are those who are more in tune with this scene who may have issues with the way the BDSM is handled (again, not my major thing so I just go with what works for me) or those that just don’t like it all (aaand you should know that going in) but as a novice who just enjoys an entertaining story I was more than pleased.