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cover86351-mediumRiverbend Road

A Haven Point Novel

by RaeAnne Thayne

Return to Haven Point, where New York Times bestselling author RaeAnne Thayne proves there’s no sweeter place to fall in love…

Protecting the streets of Haven Point isn’t just a job for police officer Wyn Bailey, it’s a family tradition. But lately she’s found herself wanting more, especially from her boss—and overprotective brother’s best friend—sexy chief of police, Cade Emmett. The only problem is getting Cade to view her as more than just a little sister.

Cade’s hands-off approach with Wyn isn’t from lack of attraction. But his complicated past has forced him to conceal his desire. When Wyn is harmed in the line of duty, Cade realizes the depth of his feelings, but can he let his guard down long enough to embrace the love he secretly craves?

I read Snow Angel Cove, the first book in this series, and then somehow I missed the next couple.  No surprise, right?  Well, the good news is that it didn’t matter for this story.  You can pretty much drive right in and enjoy.

While this is technically a romance, I’d like to say it has more of a woman’s fiction vibe because it is about so much more than the hero and heroine getting together.  There is a lot of soul searching going on by both Cade and Wyn.  And don’t expect a suspense feel, because even though they are cops there is very little in it for cases they are working.  Although she does a great job of throwing in a little danger at the end just to keep things exciting 🙂

After she has a near death experience, Wyn does a lot of looking at her life and making big decisions about where she is & where she’s going.  She’s content but not happy and vows to fix that.  I enjoyed getting to know her and being part of that journey.  She’s a fine officer and a good friend, but she’s just not in the right place for her any more.  And it only has a little to do with the crush she has on her brother’s best friend.

Cade had to overcome a lot from his childhood.  His family doesn’t have the best track record for staying out of trouble but thanks to the Baileys he was able to turn things around.  Except he still sees himself as a no-good Emmett.  Unfortunately almost losing Wyn has him thinking things that he shouldn’t and he’s fighting his feelings tooth & nail … of course, he is 🙂  I like that Thayne has his growth be about more than just his relationship with Wyn.  He’s got some re-evaluating about his feelings for himself as well.

I do kinda feel like I would have liked a little more to the ending but I think that being a part of a series means that you get some of that closure in future stories as characters reappear in other books.  We get a complete story here but I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what’s next in store for these two.  And what happens for a few of the secondary characters as well.  Which I guess means that makes this a winner, huh?