I’ve got a treat for you today!  Michael Ross stopped by to tell us about his new book – a romance written by a guy, from the guy’s POV.  Lighthearted and humorous but sure to give you something new to think about.


This is a new direction for me – a RomCom in written form. A lighthearted romance from the male perspective, as to how we ‘tick’. That was my aim – to provide a male point of view on ‘stuff’ like relationships, being dumped, marriage, friendship, courting, ageing, insecurity and picking the right colour for your new car.


13453109_10209578112960480_1393929471_oChasing What’s Already Gone

by Michael Ross


There is a void inside my heart where she should be.

Danny Pearson is cruising through life on the edge of contentment—even in his marriage…

His wife seems distant, yet perfectly happy. They work on different schedules and pass like ships in the night. But that’s how marriage is after so many years, right?

When Danny meets a mysterious girl, his idea of the meaning of love shatters at his feet…

She’s not extraordinary, but somehow she’s so much more than just another girl. When he catches her gaze, he knows deep in his gut that she’s the one—the love of his life. But being a decent guy, he holds his feelings in check, and there is no ulterior motive when he shares a coffee with her. As she leaves, she gives him a business card. That’s all there is to it.

Her name is Ella. And after that, she is nothing more than a fond memory.

Danny puts Ella out of his mind and moves on with his life—until his world falls apart…When his wife confesses to having an affair and demands a divorce, his life is thrown into chaos. It’s a challenge adjusting to the single life, but it’s not impossible. As time passes, he continues to reminisce of his brief encounter with the woman he’s sure was his chance at true happiness.

How far is Danny willing to go in the pursuit of love? How far would you when, in all probability, you are only…

Chasing what’s already gone?



“I’ve blown it haven’t I?”

“Of course you’ve blown it!”

“What should I do?”

“You’ve still got the hots for her then?”

“You’ve got to believe it. I looked into her eyes and they swallowed me up. There was this one time when she turned around to look at me in the car, and it was like I had a zoom lens in my head and I could see into her mind.” I relive the moment in my head. “She did not blink and she did not say a word, but there were all sorts of messages that went beyond words. I’m not explaining myself very well. You wouldn’t know what I mean.” For the first time today I have Rob’s sympathy. He leans back in his chair.

“I know exactly what you mean. Tessa and I have been together for what? Well, even now that thing happens. We might be sitting quietly on the sofa, or in the middle of a furious argument, or we’ve just had sex and we look at each other and the world stops, and everything else going on does not matter. We know who we are, and no one else can fill that space.”

“You’ve got it – that’s exactly how it felt!”

Rob bangs his fist on the pub table.

“Danny, ring her up. Now.”

“I – I – ”

“Danny, ring her up now. Don’t even think about it, don’t plan what you’re going to say. Do it because each minute that passes that you don’t ring her, you are going to regret. And I’m here, in your corner, but I’m leaving in twenty minutes. Now or never.”

He is right. Better to know than not know. I have already programmed the number into my mobile; I’ll probably have to erase it fairly soon.


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