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Change-of-Heart-mediumChange of Heart

The Flanagan Sisters Series

by Claire Boston

Software billionaire Carly Flanagan has an abundance of everything except time.

With everyone wanting a piece of her, or more accurately, her money, she spends her days trying to live up to her company’s motto of Community, Sharing, Support. Having always been so focused on responsibility, success and supporting those less fortunate than her, Carly’s forgotten to consider what she wants for herself in life – until she meets Evan.

Evan Hayes is an artist and free spirit, and when they meet at a local art exhibition, he is immediately intrigued by Carly. He sees through her public persona, realizing she is not the person she portrays. Evan’s the type of man who doesn’t have a lot, but is perfectly comfortable with who he is. A man who knows what he wants – and he wants Carly.

Carly is sure Evan wants something else from her. Everyone does. All Evan is asking is the chance to get to know her, but will Carly let him in? Or will a lifetime of protecting herself prove too hard to overcome?

I’ve read quite a few of Boston’s books and I’ve loved every one of them.  The funny thing is I forget how much until I crack one open and find myself sucked in.  So I think I just need to quit even reading the blurbs and pick up anything with her name on the cover 🙂

We got to know Carly just a little bit in Break the Rules and I was very curious to find out more about this Flanagan.  She seemed like a bit of a contradiction – I couldn’t decide if she was reserved or uppity or just busy.  Turned out she was a bit shy and a lot busy.

She’s super gifted with coding and she’s big about giving back to the community.  A refugee as a child she’s intimately familiar with their plight and works with her family to help others like her.  She’s also working with other developers in the community that need a leg up.  She had someone who showed her the ropes and it made all the difference so she wants to be that person to others.  And because she feels like she’s been given so much, she finds it hard to say no when people ask her for things.  Add in all that she’s responsible for as head of her company and she has very little time for herself.

Then she meets Evan at an art event (one of those things she had a hard time saying no to) and she’s drawn to him … but heartbreak in her past has made her gun-shy when it comes to men.

Evan is doing whatever he can to make a living as an artist.  An exhibit of up-and-coming artists introduces him to Carly and he’s drawn to the sexy, strong woman.  While it seems like it might be a little hard to break thru her walls, a little perseverance pays off and soon they are spending time together, when they can with all of her obligations.  Talented but not flighty like you’d expect an artist to be, Evan proves that he sees Carly as no one else has, easily fitting in.  Which has her evaluating her life and what she wants from it.  And him.

I love these two together.  How they have a rhythm that works and how they complement each other so well – the fresh perspective that he brings to her life and the support that she brings to his, making two independent lives work without either of them losing who they are.  I can’t wait to see what Boston has for the next Flanagan!