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cover89323-mediumA Man of Honor

Kingston Family series

by Miranda Liasson

Former Army Captain and venture capitalist Preston Guthrie has always had a thing for Cat Kingston, but he never felt like he could date his best friend’s sister. Plus, he’s a wrong-side-of-the-tracks guy and she’s a white-picket-fence kind of woman. Yet when they met again just before he was deployed, sparks flew. A fire ignited. And the heat was hot. For the first time, he thought a relationship with her might be possible…until an injury in the war changed everything…

Journalist Cat Kingston had a rough couple of years, surviving a broken engagement and the loss of her job. But connecting with Preston last fall seemed right. They shared steamy Skype sessions while he was overseas—until he was wounded, and cut her off without explanation. Now he’s back in town to be the Best Man for her sister’s wedding…and she wants answers.

Preston’s struggling with a leg wound, but the war scarred him on the inside, too. When Cat pays him a surprise visit and her brother catches them in a compromising position, Preston tells him they’re dating. He’s not sure how he can spend the entire wedding week fake-dating her when the chemistry between them feels anything but…

I feel for Preston.  He didn’t have a great childhood and his dad isn’t not a good person, which has created a fear in Preston that he could be the same.  He’s somehow convinced himself that he’s no good for Cat and he’s trying to keep things neutral with her … but he’s finding it very difficult to keep away.  They have a lot of history and an attraction that is difficult to ignore, which causes him to go hot and cold and confuses Cat to no end.

Cat knows that her warrior is a stand-up guy.  She sees it all the time.  She’s just not sure why he keeps pushing her away and she’s finding it very difficult to move on.  And when she finds out some of the secrets he’s been hiding, she realizes that there is more going on and she just might be able to win her hero after all.

I think that with a lesser author the push-pull from Preston might have gotten annoying, but Liasson makes sure that we understand him every step of the way.  We may not agree with his way of thinking but we at least know why he believes those things.  And you can’t help but root for Cat to bring the tough guy down.  It does take a while but he finally figures things out, giving readers are really great HEA.