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cover90792-mediumThe Family Man

by Kelly Eadon


When life hands lemons to Beth Beverley, she makes mouthwatering lemon squares. Mostly because they’re coveted by the sexy single dad who owns Belmont’s most popular coffee shop. But that’s where her crush on Griffin has to end. Her sweet treats are selling like crazy cakes in his shop, and she doesn’t mix business with pleasure. Too bad his sinful smile has her flirting with the idea of forever.

Griffin Hall definitely needs to keep his eyes–and his hands–off Beth. Since he’s traded in late-night gigs and partying for bedtime stories with his little girl in his arms, he doesn’t have time for anything else. So why does Beth’s big heart and easy way with his daughter make him finally feel alive again? But there’s a little secret Beth doesn’t know, something he can’t bear to tell her . . .

I love that Eadon didn’t weigh her story down with a lot of extra drama.  It’s a simple-ish story of two people who have been dancing around their attraction for a little bit and get to a point where they decide to act on it.  They spend time together, getting their feet under them in regards to a new relationship, have a few bumps along the way, but figure it all out in the end.

I just wish we’d gotten a little more of the after.  I don’t want to give too much away but they have their big moment, the thing that could break them up, and then we jump to the epilogue.  It is an important thing for Griffin and had been weighing heavily on him so I think it needed just a little more time.  I did like how Beth and Griffin handled the resolution though.  It shows their maturity and lack of drama, which is always refreshing.  Beth looks at things logically and thinks through them before making a potentially life-altering decision.

I also like how they find a way to make their worlds work together.  How they find things that they are passionate about and weave them into a life that works for both of them, making them happy alone and together.

While I have to admit to loving The Wedding Date a little more than The Family Man, I’m excited by what Eadon has delivered so far and I’m definitely looking forward to reading the next book.  She’s got some great characters to work with, plus I’m sure she’ll introduce even more, so the potential is off the charts 🙂