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29884119Like That Endless Cambria Sky

Main Street Merchants series

by Linda Seed

Genevieve Porter was forced to flee the art world of Manhattan after she blew the whistle on the shady practices of a powerful dealer. Now she owns a small gallery in the breathtaking beach town of Cambria, California. For Gen, this is a place to regroup; she’s poised to restore her reputation in the art world and return to New York in triumph. When she meets Ryan Delaney, a cattle rancher who’s more than he appears to be, she’s ready for a sexy roll in the hay-literally. But when her feelings for him become more than casual, she realizes that his roots on the Central Coast go back generations, and it’s going to be a challenge to lure him away from his family’s land. If these two are going to make a life together, one of them is going to have to give up old ideas, old goals-old feelings about what success means, and what makes a place a true home.

Set amid the crashing waves and rugged cliffs just south of Big Sur, Like That Endless Cambria Sky is Book 2 in Linda Seed’s Main Street Merchants series.

I love the feeling of family between the girls in this series.  They have a closeness, understanding and support that most people hope to find.

I get why Genevieve wants so badly, and works so hard, to head back to NY.  It was her goal and she had it taken away from her.  Developing something with yummy rancher Ryan only complicates things … but he’s awfully hard to resist.  He’s down-to-earth, caring and hardworking.  Sexy and smart, he’s got a lot going for him.

I’m a little confused about the depth of the conflict toward the end.  I’m not sure I totally understand why things blew up to QUITE the level they did – some of it, but not all of it.  But I think that it is handled well and leads to a conclusion that works for everyone.

I’m definitely looking forward to what Seed has for us next.  These women (and men) may be different personalities but they are all likeble, with a great bond, and are bound to have blast on their road to true love.

(Part of a series, but can definitely stand on its own.  I do recommend picking up Moonstone Beach for a fun read.)