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cover90337-mediumLily’s List

Summersville Secrets, Book 3

by N. J. Walters

Fans of steamy small-town romance will love the third book in the sexy Summersville Secrets series by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author N. J. Walters!

Ready to explore her fantasies . . .

When Lily Summers was left to raise her son alone, she threw herself into her work as a florist and secretly began writing erotic romance novels. Relying solely on fantasies about the impossibly sexy Carson Granger for material, the single mom has a long list of sexual scenarios she needs to research to make her stories catch fire. When Carson discovers the list and offers some hands-on help, Lily’s immediately aroused by his primal power and the elemental attraction that ignites between them, but she’s terrified of surrendering control to a man she’s wanted for so long, especially one who’s younger than she is.

Desperate to show her so much more . . .

Carson always knew that Lily had shut herself off from men after a bad marriage, but he also knew the quietly sensuous florist had a secret side, and he wanted to be the man to tap into that reserve of passion. When he discovers her hidden wish list, he knows it’s his chance to initiate her into a world of sexual abandon before revealing a secret of his own. As they indulge in each new item on Lily’s list, she can’t deny the burning desire and need beating inside her, and with tender patience and sexual finesse, Carson is breaking down her barriers and drawing one step closer to turning her short-term explorations into a lifetime of devoted pleasure.

This is a fully revised edition of a book originally published as Lily Blossoms.

I love the care that Carson puts into wooing Lily.  He’s waited a long time, and she’s skittish, so he takes advantage of an opportunity when it falls into his lap 🙂  He displays a lot of understanding in how he handles her – taking it slow and easing her into each step.  Of course he makes a couple of miscalculations but I like that Walters doesn’t make it into too much of an issues.  The drama when it happens is low-key and handled in a realistic manner.

Of course, he’s not the only one that has uh-ohs.  Lily follows Carson’s lead but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t let her fears get the better of her a time or two, hurting Carson in the process.  But she comes through when it is important and takes care of business.

My only complaint is that I’m selfish and I want to know what is in store for these two down the road.  Lily’s concerns for getting involved with Carson are valid – while 7 years isn’t a big gap at their ages, they are in different stages of their lives and that could cause complications.  I would have liked a little more time to work thru those things, but being a romance we can just assume that they work it out and live HEA 🙂

Steamy, introspective and heartfelt, Lily’s List has something for just about everyone.

(Part of a series, but can stand on its own with a few minor references to other stories.)