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cover83145-mediumIt Had to Be Fate

by Tamra Baumann

Falling for a bad-boy rock star is the last thing single mother Casey Anderson-Bovier should do. Embroiled in a custody battle with her ex, Casey is fighting to raise her boys in their quaint Colorado hometown—a secret haven for celebrities. But when it comes to her hotel’s newest guest, Casey can’t connect the dots. Is Zane Steele the out-of-control rocker plastered all over the media, or the captivating man with a killer smile who’s charming her and her two boys?

Zane has a good reason for letting the world believe the worst of him—and that’s a secret he’s sure he can never share…until he meets Casey. After years of having fans fall at his feet, he’s found the one woman who brings him to his knees. Casey is beautiful and intriguing—and thoroughly justified in not trusting him one bit, especially with her family at stake. But the only way to be together is to convince her to take a chance on him, on fate, and on their crazy, unexpected love.

Casey fights her attraction to Zane but I really liked that she didn’t cling too hard to what’s in the media, instead believing what she sees for herself.  He’s caring and funny, respects her and takes care of her kids.  He shows what a good man he is and that means so much more.

I love this book – it totally wasn’t what I was expecting.  Baumann gives readers two characters to root for – both battling personal issues but finding it hard to ignore their hearts as they get to know each other more.  The complete normalness of the two falling in love is hard to resist and while their problems might be bigger than the average persons it is related in a believable way.  And I love the way everything is resolved in the end – it works so well for the story.  I’m definitely looking into what else Baumann has out there.

(This is my first book in this series and it can totally stand on its own.)