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We saw the second book in this series here.  Somehow I missed posting the review for this one but I finally got it posted 🙂

cover69790-mediumForever This Time

An Echo Lake Novel

by Maggie McGinnis

Bestselling author Maggie McGinnis welcomes us to Echo Lake, Vermont, where love lost can be found again…


Boston therapist Josie Kendrew is really good at mending everyone else’s broken heart-just not her own. When she rushes home to Echo Lake after her father’s stroke, Josie finds herself face-to-face with too many painful memories from the past, including the loss of her “little sister” and Ethan Miller, the boy she left behind. Ethan is now all man-and he has done wonders as CEO of Snowflake Village, the Kendrew family’s Christmas-themed amusement park, which charms year-round visitors from all around New England. Suddenly, Echo Lake holds more than ghosts from the past. It also holds the possibility of a second chance at love…


Ethan’s been picking up the pieces of the Kendrews’ shattered family for as long as he can remember. But doing good isn’t the same as being happy-and Ethan can’t deny that the sweet, smart girl he once adored has become a gorgeous woman he cannot resist. For both Josie and Ethan, it’s a time of love and promise, and of finding the dreams they thought they had lost…

There is a lot of emotion hidden in what could have easily been just another cutesy romance.  The characters have a lot of conflicting emotions about Josie’s return – when she left suddenly all those years ago it caused a lot of hurt for a lot of people.  It’s rarely easy to come back but with the baggage on all sides, it’s really hard for her.  So while they may not have been ready at 18 to handle everything that life threw at them, both Josie and Ethan have done a lot of growing over the years and have worked to find a path that works for them.  Now, as adults, they might be better able to forge a long-term relationship if they can just open up to the possibility.

A sweet story about coming home again, forgiving and moving on, Forever This Time is a great start to what is sure to be a wonderful series.