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cover83094-mediumWrapped In You

The Monroes series

by Jules Bennett

The Monroe brothers found a home in Haven, Georgia, thanks to the big-hearted couple who adopted them all. Now, grieving their late sister, these three very different men will come together to honor her memory. And with the help of some unforgettable women, each will find the chance to build a whole new future…

Zach Monroe has made mistakes–big ones. The worst left the girl he loved injured, and his own brother barely speaking to him. It was a night Zach won’t let himself forget, even when the girl in question–perfect, polished Sophie Allen–walks back into his life. A realtor, Sophie’s brought an offer for their sister’s dilapidated Civil War era property. But Zach’s determined to renovate the rambling old place himself–though he longs to rebuild Sophie’s trust in him…

A business deal isn’t how Sophie wanted to approach Zach after all this time, but he won’t let anyone get personal. She can’t deny that the accident changed her life in irreparable ways. But watching gruff, quiet Zach beat himself up year after year hurts too. The wounded boy she once adored needed love, and the man is no different. Now Sophie will need every bit of her resolve to convince Zach to let love heal them both…

I got just a tiny bit tired of Zach complaining about the “darkness” inside him (since I’m not sure what he thinks is so bad about himself) but I can definitely understand why he’s got such troubles based on his background.  He didn’t get a good start and that left him feeling unlovable & unworthy.  Even though he was starting to find a good place for himself, he never quite shed the chip on his shoulder.  And just when he did start to, a terrible accident (that he feels more guilt for than he should) knocks him for a loop and sends him to jail for a year.  Since then he’s drawn even further in to himself and pushes away anyone who might get too close.  It’s unfortunate that he can’t see how much he has to offer – he’s dedicated to his adopted family, is hardworking, tries hard not to hurt anyone, and gives to others when they need someone.

Sophie may have left Zach to wallow but she’s never quite given up a little bit of hope she has buried deep that if given the opportunity she could reach his heart.  And unfortunately that opportunity might come at the cost of losing her best friend, his adopted sister.  It sets into motion a few things that allows Sophie back into Zach’s world … but it definitely won’t be easy if she wants to break through to him.

Full of wounds, both inside and out, that go back decades and that left a lot of scars, Bennett starts a series that may break my heart while making me happy at the same time.  These guys have been through a lot, most of it we don’t even know about yet, and they are in desperate need of a HEA – the chance to find some peace with themselves & their pasts, plus a hope for the future.  And I can’t wait to be with them every step of the way.