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cover85787-mediumSoldier of Love

Hometown Heroes series

by Allie Boniface

Welcome back to Lindsey Point…

Franny Thompson has owned a bed and breakfast in Lindsey Point for the last five years, ever since a family tragedy left her broken. Running The Hideaway has been good therapy, but this thirty-year old doesn’t have the slightest idea about dating, fashion, or men. When a lonely soldier comes to town in need of a place to live, she offers him an empty room to rent, never dreaming he’s about to change her world.

Heath Garrick has spent the last 17 years as an active duty solider, but when he retires from the Army, he finds himself plagued by PTSD and no place to call home, until he moves to Lindsey Point and Franny offers him a room. Franny is quirky and naive, everything he’s never wanted in a woman – and everything he might just need.

As Franny and Heath find comfort in each other’s friendship, a powerful attraction develops. But when a national magazine chooses The Hideaway for a makeover, they are thrust into the spotlight. For Franny, it’s a dream come true. For Heath, it’s the worst kind of trouble. Can two lonely souls help each other find love and hope again, or are some battle scars too deep ever to heal?

I do wonder if I would have a little more of an attachment to Franny if I’d read other stories in the series.  I get that she didn’t have the usual upbringing and she dealt with a lot of tragedy at an early age, but I think there are some things that I didn’t quite pick up on.  She didn’t have anyone help her with how to be a normal teenage girl – clothes, grooming, boys.  And she’s spent a few years keeping to herself, but she does have friends and she seems very well grounded.  I think that is some of the appeal for Heath.  She’s got a maturity and understanding of people but she’s good on her own as well.

My heart just breaks for Heath.  Besides everything that he went through at war, he’s also had some trouble in his personal life.  He’s trying to find someplace where he’s comfortable and can just be and luckily he runs into Franny.  The wisdom her trouble has caused her, along with her sweet heart, does something to help him.  Unfortunately he’s not going to completely heal but she does allow him to find space to evaluate.

Which brings me to my only complaint – there was a lot of talk about Heath needing professional help but even in the epilogue they don’t talk about him actually getting any.  The man definitely has issues, even he recognizes it, and with everything he goes through I would expect him to realize that he needs to see someone.  Overall it is my only issue and the rest of the story is very satisfying, so I’ll be keeping an eye on what comes next.