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cover78558-mediumDraw Me Close

Hearts and Crafts series

by Nicole Michaels


Lindsey Morales is a decorating genius with a natural flair for design and an eye for a bargain. As a contributor to a popular lifestyle blog, she can take anything from trash to treasure-except for her own life. Burned once, and badly, she’s more than twice shy, especially when it comes to the breathtaking builder who broke her heart…


Architect Derek Walsh has made a name for himself designing sleekly modern buildings, but when renovating a hundred-year-old farmhouse gives him the chance to see Lindsey again, he jumps at it. Still dreaming about her after eight long years apart, he’ll do anything to prove that he’s serious about spending the future with her. Can he convince sassy, stubborn Lindsey that they can DIY their own happy ending?

(Although characters appear in stories throughout the series, this book can stand on its own.)

If you read Win Me Over you know that Derek and Lindsey had a history and now you get to find out exactly how bad it was.  I think my favorite part is that there aren’t any bad guys in this story – these people find themselves in an unfortunate situation and do the best they can.  The worst that could be said is that Derek underestimates how truly harmful his actions were and the long term impacts they had.  He expects some heartfelt words, maybe an explanation, will fix things but Lindsey’s scars run pretty deep.

I thought I would get tired of her attitude but it makes sense in the story – she realistically works through her old hurts and the feelings being with Derek again brings up.  I do get a little frustrated at how Derek didn’t seem to understand how she would hold on to the hurt but I think that is typically male of him 🙂

Overall I am very pleased at how they handle their history, being together again and developing a new relationship.  It is so sweet and super believable – I just love the idea of a second chance romance between the two.