Today Julieann Dove is stopping by to answer a few questions and share her new book, Waking Amy.  I’m so happy she took a little time out of her schedule because this book is getting some fantastic reviews and it looks like an absolute delight – I feel so much for Amy from just the blurb and the sneak peek!


What do you like best about writing romances?

I think love has so much stickiness to it, that it’s a million different ways to be written—complicated, sad, happy, and just lots of layers of everything in between! The possibilities are limitless. For me, who is someone that doesn’t plot, I like seeing love resolve from complicated to happily ever after.

What is your favorite romantic movie?

There are so many good ones! When I was younger it used to be Against All Odds, with Rachel Ward and Jeff Bridges. Now, I enjoy watching The Notebook. I love the era, and of course, Ryan Gosling. 🙂

Which of your characters/books was the most fun to write?

My new book “A Reason to Stay” is coming out in June. The heroine, Elise, was really fun to write because she’s a non-committer. To the extreme! I can identify with her. My husband jokingly comments sometimes that he wonders where the sales tag is on him. (I have a problem cutting off tags from things—it means I can’t ever return it!)

If you weren’t a writer and could be anything you want, what would it be?

Anything? I’d be a lounge singer! And wear sparkly gowns with molded hair and too much makeup…gripping a microphone and singing to the piano music. 🙂 Anyone who knows me would fall over from reading that!!


waking amyWaking Amy

by Julieann Dove

Publication date: February 23, 2016


Amy Whitfield is blindsided when she comes home and finds a note on the fridge from her husband, Wesley, stating that after four years of marriage, he’s leaving her. Amy was in the midst of trying to spice things up, to bring life back to their boring marriage. It seems now that she was too late.

As Amy sits with her head between her knees, trying to figure out what to do next, a call comes from Mercer General Hospital. The ER nurse is telling Amy’s answering machine that Wesley has been in a car accident.

When Amy arrives at the hospital, she finds her husband in a coma. The doctors say there is no sign of brain damage, and Wesley will eventually wake up. Relieved, Amy sees this as her second chance: the chance to get it right this time. To channel the girl Wesley won’t leave when he regains consciousness… She just needs some help to pull it off. After all, she was voted girl most likely to die a virgin in high school.

Amy would never figure on getting that help from Mark Reilly…Wesley’s doctor! He’s a non-committer, too-cute-for-his-own-good bachelor, and completely the guy Amy begins falling for. It’s a race against time to see who wakes up first—Amy or her husband.





I tried on the outfit and instantly felt like the frosting on a moist, delicious birthday cake, along with confetti and sparkly stars. Was I serious? Did I really want to go half naked out of the mall and drive to Mark’s house? Damn straight. Wesley sucked, and I needed to spread my wings and flirt with disaster. Shit on Little Miss Muppet, do-the-right-thing Amy. I needed to even the score with my husband. Have a little sin tucked under my pillow at night. Provided I would end up with him. Where else did he have to go? Who else would wipe his ass and still make him breakfast in the mornings? Coffee with a drop of creamer, two sugars, and two egg whites with a piece of buttered toast, easy on the butter.

“I can leave it on?” I asked the salesgirl, from the fitting room.

“Sure, I’ll cut the tags and ring you up at the register.”

I took a second look at it, pulling at the snug top, trying my best to stretch it looser. My breasts rested in it like a pair of melons in a sling shot. The ribbed material hugged my skin like a painted silhouette. The top edging of the skirt girded my waist like a rubber band, the kind the postal service used for securing bulky letters. Thankfully the strip of lace hung a generous inch past the bottom, securing the identity of most of the leg north of my kneecap. I looked at myself in the mirror. After forcing away the look of someone having a stick up their butt, I pasted a smile on my face and batted my eyelashes. This bait would work on Mark. I was sure of it. Luckily, I was wearing shoes that matched, but then again, who would be looking at my shoes. I had enough going on up top, no one would even suspect I had feet.

I paid and put my work clothes in the shopping bag. My heart pounded as I walked, feeling the air fall on the open places of my new outfit. I squeezed my legs together as tight as I could in order to sit down in my car, my skirt jumping an extra three inches from the new position. It took me ten minutes, and I was back at Mark’s house. The sight of his car ramped up my adrenaline. I glossed my lips in the rearview mirror and scrunched my hair. Showtime.

Mark answered the door on the second set of knocks. He jumped slightly when he saw me. “Miss me?”

“Amy? What are you doing here?”

“Are you going to let me in or what?”

Mark moved and ushered me inside. I was trying hard to concentrate, past all the loud thumps that echoed inside my ears. “I didn’t want there to be any hard feelings from the other night. I hope there are none.” Channeling Angelina Jolie, come in Angie. Help me land this one.

“There aren’t any hard feelings. You’re my patient’s wife, and I’m your husband’s doctor. There is nothing more to it.” He said it slowly, looking me up and down.

I pulled him by his tie. “I don’t think I got the grand tour before. Let me see your bedroom.”

My words raised his eyebrows. “What?”

“I’m talking about channeling the bad girl in me, Mark. You’re obviously well versed in bad girl. I’ve broken some of the rules. Lied to your boss, lied to mine, wanted you since that day at the mall. Now why not go all the way?” Despite the reason I was there, my body craved him like air to a buried set of lungs.

“Amy, you’re upset. You don’t know what you’re saying.”

I shook out my hair. I thought a few whips of my head and I would look like the wanton woman that I was genetically challenged to ever be. But, he wasn’t budging from his neutral zone. “Don’t you want me? Am I not attractive, Mark?”

I grabbed him by the butt and thrust myself into him. He closed his eyes, and I stole an open-mouthed kiss from him. He pushed me off and adjusted himself.


authorAuthor Info:

Julieann lives in Virginia, yet longs to live everywhere else. It doesn’t come as a surprise that along with her gypsy soul, comes an active imagination. That’s why she loves to write and invent worlds and people, so that she can formulate their happily ever after. Hobbies include cooking new recipes, sewing, and spending time with her cute boyfriend/husband and five fabulous children. Vacations happen in Nantucket or the Carolina beaches—anywhere there is inspiration for her next book. One day she hopes to travel to Italy, drive one of those little cars around the countryside, and speak the language fluently!

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