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51Hnne1DhXL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_Summoning the Demon

Witches Business series

by Kelly D. Smith

Alyssa doesn’t like to ask for help, but when fighting zombies, sometimes a witch needs a little backup. So she summons a demon. Falan Farrelly, demon. Alyssa wouldn’t have survived the night without him, but is that the only reason she wants to summon him again? 

Falan isn’t used to chasing imps out of old lady’s yards or getting rid of demons, but there is something about this witch that makes him unable to resist.

At about 20 pages, Smith’s story is a fun introduction to a new world – kinda like a light appetizer to tempt you to order something more.  Because it isn’t very long, there isn’t a lot to it but I liked what was there.

The first meeting between Alyssa and Falan is entertaining and I’m intrigued by the little other-worldly tidbits that Smith lets peek thru.  I definitely looking forward to seeing what comes next for them and the supernatural beings they encounter.

While the story is complete, it isn’t long.  But it is perfect as an introduction to characters, how they meet & get involved, what they face on a daily basis and the world they inhabit, while creating a need for more in the series 🙂

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