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Today we’ve got a hot, sexy, emotion-packed romance for those more daring readers.



by Rider Jacobs

Genre: Contemporary M/M Romance


With his latest action movie finding worldwide success Xylan decided to try something different. He became a judge for the television show Talented Americans. There he meets Jarrett, a reporter with a surly attitude and a reputation for unethical journalism.

Xylan has a secret. While he may portray the larger than life action star in films he has a desire to be dominated in the bedroom. With a room filled with equipment to fulfill that desire and a boyfriend who knows how to wield a paddle, Xylan feels he has found a perfect balance in life. Then one night, while Hamilton is away, Xylan suffers the ultimate act of betrayal. When his world comes crashing down and his secret is revealed for the world to see Xylan must decide if his love for Hamilton is enough to see them through.



If you’ve made it this far then you know that this is a M/M romance.  It’s also got a little BDSM thrown in too so while it isn’t going to be for everyone, it is well written so Xylan is a good choice for more adventurous readers.  Amazon has it at just under 100 pages (and 4+ stars, btw), so it is definitely a fast read.

But Jacobs doesn’t pull any punches with her plot and there were a lot of different things about it that worked for me.  I really liked the committed relationship between Xylan and Hamilton – the trust and honesty and love between the two.  There were moments of humor as well as some that were darker.  And definitely some that were sexy and hot, but it’s the ones that were from the heart that were the best.

If I have any complaint it is that I felt like I needed one more chapter to find out what happens next … maybe there will be a follow up book.  Not that I want more bad things for Xylan but I’m curious to see how everything turned out.  If she doesn’t have one planned, maybe we can talk Rider into writing one 🙂


media photoAuthor Info:

Raised in a small town in the corner of Kansas, Rider’s mother installed a love of books in her. Thanks to her mother she developed a love for all things paranormal at an early age. Her parents always encouraged her to use her imagination and write stories.

When she was 18 she left the small farming community without a stop light and headed for the bright lights of Las Vegas. She continued to write but life kept her from actually publishing anything. After ten years in the big city, Rider decided she wanted a much slower paced life and returned to Kansas.

It was here that she met a friend who loved her stories and encouraged her to submit them.

When not writing Rider loves to read anything she can get her hands on from the Dark taboo erotic books to the lighter Amish romance. She also has an interest in the lost art of pen paling. Putting pen to paper and sharing the good times and the bad through the written word with friends near and far. Rider also loves to travel and while she has been to the tourist attractions she much prefers the hidden gems off the beaten path that few know about. It is these adventures that often find their way into her books.



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