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FortyCandles,VirginiaNelson_1400X2100-72dpiForty Candles

by Virginia Nelson

Will she get her wish when she blows out Forty Candles?

Chloe Walker did everything right. She went to college, got a good job, dated the right men—everything. Peering at forty from a bit too close, she realizes she can be miserable that she didn’t end up happily married to the handsome prince…or she can count her lucky stars. She tries to go with stars, but the universe seems to have other plans.

Jack Leonard has loved Chloe since they were kids. He’s stood by her through all life’s little messes, been her shoulder to cry on, and figured one day they’d wind up together. He figures he’s just waiting her out. When her life goes swirly, he’s got to convince her that some men are worth risking it all for.

Can Jack make Chloe rethink her birthday wish or will she get just what she asked for when she blows out Forty Candles?

I started this book on Tuesday and finished it on Thursday  – and it only took me that long because the rest of my life got a little busy.  It’s a quick, enjoyable read and I really liked both Jack and Chloe.  He is a strong, dependable country boy, who has been waiting patiently on the sidelines for Chloe to see him as more than a friend.  She has a few hangups about commitment because of her past and values him too much to chance losing him due to a breakup.  But Jack’s tired of waiting and he’s got a plan to get Chloe on the same page.  Of course, it wouldn’t be a romance if things went smoothly!

I really enjoyed the back and forth between the two but I will say that I was a little confused by the time frame for the story.  We started it with Chloe’s 39th birthday and ended on her 40th but it didn’t seem like a year passed.  Maybe a few months but it definitely didn’t feel like a whole year.  It’s just a minor complaint and I wouldn’t even have mentioned it if it wasn’t so blatantly stated.  So in fairness I thought I should point it out 🙂

Forty Candles is a short, earthy read – with tons of heat and heart, friendship and romance.  It’s got a hero who has the patience of a saint, knows exactly what to say and do, but is about to reach his breaking point.  He’s ready to take on a heroine who’s too busy running that she’s not seeing that there is a man in the world that knows all her warts but loves her anyway.  Jack’s just going to have to trick her into seeing the truth that’s been in front of her all along.


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