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This sneak peek for Stephanie Reid’s newest Protector series book definitely has me ready to get my hands on this one ….


BurnForYou_EbookBurn For You

A Protector Series Novel

by Stephanie Reid


Vic Russo is just one of the guys. Except she’s not a guy. A paramedic, affectionately known as Vic within her firehouse, Victoria is a permanent fixture in the friend zone. But when her childhood crush, firefighter Graham McAndrew, becomes single once again, she decides enough is enough. It’s time for Graham to see her as the woman she’s become. There’s only one problem. A photo of her in the arms of another man has captured the nation’s attention.

Jason Meadows is not thrilled to have his police work interrupted by a small media craze. In fact, he’d be content never to see Victoria or that photo-gone-viral again. But a series of fires in town, paired with a growing attraction to the quirky paramedic, make staying away impossible.

Determined to ferret out a potential killer, Jason enlists Victoria’s help as his eyes and ears inside the firehouse. And while threats rise from within, Victoria is forced to choose between the love of her past and the man who’s ignited her fire within.

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Amazon.co.uk: http://amzn.to/1RAseub

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The catty female voices returned and Victoria stiffened. They were headed this way. She couldn’t see them around the large fountain, but she could hear them loud and clear.

“All I’m saying is she doesn’t have what it takes to hold that hot cop’s attention. You wait. As soon as I find him, he’ll be wrapped around my little finger.”

Before she could even react, Jason scooped her into his lap, dug his fingers into her short hair and held her face to his. She murmured a small protest against his lips, but quickly realized he was doing this for her. To help her save face in front of those awful women.

She heard a quick intake of breath and knew they’d been stumbled upon. Oh, what she wouldn’t give to turn around and see their faces right now. To see what they thought of her sitting wantonly on Jason’s lap getting the life kissed out of her.

But her thoughts weren’t on them for long. She heard the rustling of clothes and the quick retreat of several pairs of high-heeled feet, but she no longer cared about that, because what had started as a closed-mouth hard kiss was quickly turning into something else.

His hold on her head gentled and the pressure of his mouth lessened until it was little more than a caress. He sampled her lips with a quick lick of his tongue and the groan of pleasure that followed that first taste let her know how much he liked it. He leaned back just enough to search her face with those hypnotic blue eyes of his while he skimmed his thumb over her lower lip. His gaze dropped to her mouth again and she took the lead, leaning in and tasting him for herself.

Salty and a little sweet, he tasted like heaven. She let her tongue explore—timidly at first but growing bolder with each low groan from his throat. He released her head and moved his hands to her lower back, pulling her closer and sliding his hands up her spine. She pressed herself against him, loving the feel of his hard chest against her.

She tried to get lost in the kiss, but doubts began to creep in. A warning voice from the self-preservation quadrant of her brain that said maybe she was reading this situation all wrong. Maybe he hadn’t kissed her out of some romantic, chivalrous inclination. Maybe he just didn’t want those catty bridesmaids to think he was available. Either way, whatever the reason he’d kissed her—to protect her or to free himself from Barbie—it wasn’t because he was interested in her.

But then again, maybe she didn’t care why he was kissing her. All that mattered was that he was, and it felt amazing.

“I think they’re gone now,” she whispered against his lips.

He moved to kiss her neck, slowly making his way down until he reached the top of her butterfly tattoo. “Good.”



Author Photo--Stephanie ReidAuthor Info:

Stephanie Reid writes contemporary romances with heart, humor, and a happily ever after. She holds a master’s degree in Human Development Counseling and enjoys using counseling theories on her fictional characters (and from time to time her husband).

She draws inspiration for her stories from life experience, and when writing, she frequently asks her police officer husband for his input on all things law enforcement. They’ve agreed not to discuss the bits of advice she doesn’t take when it doesn’t serve her plots well, and this makes for a very harmonious marriage.

Born and raised in the Chicago suburbs, Stephanie now resides with her husband and three children in central Illinois.

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/stephaniereidbooks/ 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/StephReidsBooks

Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/105860652330566944305/about

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/stephaniereidbo/

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/8319194.Stephanie_ Reid



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