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Dark Blue

South Island PD #1

by Ranae Rose

If Belle is going to get a speeding ticket, it might as well be written by the hottest cop South Island has ever seen. But Officer Jackson Calder isn’t just a daydream in blue, he’s the first man she ever slept with, and the only one she doesn’t regret.

One routine traffic stop, and Jackson’s past is back to haunt him in the most bittersweet way imaginable. Too good for him and too good to forget, Belle became a fantasy after she left the island. Now that she’s home for good in the Lowcountry, she’s a living, breathing temptation he can’t resist.

He was her first, but that was just the beginning. It’s being the last that counts.

Book 1 in the South Island PD Series

I was absolutely hooked on Rose’s Lock and Key stories and was ecstatic to find out that she started up a new law enforcement series.  Just like the other books I’ve read, Dark Blue has a strong, upstanding hero and a sharp heroine who is a great match for him.  The history between them adds a nice emotional depth to the story and it brings a little bit of baggage into the relationship right away, helping to cement their feelings pretty quickly.

The first 80% or so of the story is about the two of them, laying the ground work of their relationship … and some HOT ground work it is 🙂  It’s sweet and sexy and fluid as they move through their deepening feelings.  I love that Rose then adds a little danger at the end, injecting some action and drama to the story.  You know that things work out well for them, as romances do, but she had me biting my nails so I definitely say that’s a win.

Both Belle and Jackson have friends that could lead to great books so I am definitely looking forward to what Rose brings us next!


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