Got a treat for you today – it looks like a scorching hoot and a half (especially after reading the sneak peek Aoife has for us below!) and it is getting some great reviews on Goodreads.  As long as you don’t mind your reads being HOT, this one looks to be a winner.


cougar diaries coverThe Cougar Diaries Trilogy – Parts I, II & III – and the Prequel

Thinking Women’s Erotica – the Genre that dares to speak its Name!

The Cougar Diaries Trilogy is a fast paced, sassy story of Aoife Brennan, newly separated and struggling with her new life as single mum to her two teenage boys. Set in austerity torn Ireland, Aoife has to struggle to keep her job and her home, to mind her two teenage boys, deal with a recalcitrant ex-husband, mind her aging parents, and to learn to date again.

Her dating exploits in Book One are a mix bag. She is faced with all the insecurities of a woman in her forties, but also with the bravery of a woman who has lived life. This combination creates some sizzling action, hilarious incidents and some sobering moments as she explores her inquisitive sexuality.

Book Two takes up the story. Aoife is now dating and continuing her exploration of herself as a sexual being. However, much as she would like to retire to her ivory tower to contemplate her navel, and other body parts, Ireland in 2013 is a scary place financially. She had to deal with the aftermath of financial meltdown in the country and the impact that has her personally. She also has to deal with series issues faced when dating a younger man.

Book Three poses yet more issues for our brave heroine. She learns that she cannot compromise who she is for another person. This is a very tough road as she is very human, full of hope and desire. Her world is also full of adventure, daring and exploration. She seizes every day and shakes the guts from it. She has a second chance at living and while her path is not clear, she is taking every opportunity that life can offer.

The Prequel is a collection of three stories based on peripheral characters from Book One; the novella was long listed for a Doire Press International Literary Short Story Award in 2013.

Find them on Amazon – http://www.amazon.com/The-Cougar-Diaries-Part-I-ebook/dp/B00BHIUK6S



Which is how I had come to be standing stark naked wearing a blindfold in the middle of the room. Steven had told me to stand and piece by piece to remove my clothes. It was a strip tease only I wasn’t dancing. When I got down to my bra and panties I hesitated. ‘Remove your bra,’ he repeated. Fuck I thought. In for a penny I thought and I unhooked my clasp and let the bra fall to the ground with the rest of my discarded clothes. Steven stood up and walked around me. ‘Good girl,’ he said. ‘You are very sexy. Now take off your panties and I’m going to put a blindfold on.’

I sucked in my breath and reached down to pull down my panties. As I straightened, Steven stepped behind me and pulled the blindfold down over my eyes. I could only see immediately below, I could see his shoes as he moved away. With the blindfold on, I felt utterly isolated and hyper sensitive.  I heard a clink of ice again and then flinched when I felt a cube rubbed up against my left nipple. He pulled it away and then applied it to my right nipple. He rubbed it round in a circle and I felt my nipple contracting and tightening.  ‘Hmmm,’ he said softly next to my ear and I felt his lips brushing my neck. My whole body shivered and contracted and I was suddenly wet. I then felt the ice cube rubbed along my pussy. It was nearly melted now and dripped as Steven pushed it back and forth between my lips. My whole being was focused on the ice and where it might go next. I wondered if the wetness was from the melted cube or me.

I sensed him reaching back to get another fresh ice cube. This time he drew a cold line down my back and round each buttock. He then brought the cold dripping cube between the top of my cheeks and rubbed me gently, easing it between them and down as far as my anus. He rubbed it and pushed the by-now diminished ice cube into my butt hole. I formed a silent O with my mouth.

Steven stepped back and I could see his shoes disappear out of sight. I strained my ears to listen and heard the sound of the fridge door opening, some packaging noises sounding loud to me and then I heard him return.

I shivered again. I felt truly naked, vulnerable and very much alive. ‘Sit down,’ commanded Steven. I obeyed feeling behind me for the chair. I perched at the edge and pulled my arms around me.  I worried I might drip onto the chair.

‘No,’ commanded Steven. ‘Put your arms by your sides and open your mouth.’ I unwrapped my arms and they fell stiffly by my sides, my whole body rigid with anticipation. I opened my mouth a little. ‘Wider,’ said Steven and I did. Something cold and hard was in my mouth. I wasn’t sure what to do. ‘Bite,’ said Steven and I did. A cold sensation went through my teeth and sweetness surged in my mouth. I bit it again. It was a strawberry. I swallowed. ‘Open, said Steven and I did. He pushed the remainder of the strawberry into my mouth and I ate that too. Some juice escaped and slid down my chin. Steven rubbed it with his finger and put his finger in my mouth. ‘You missed some, lick this’ he said and I did.

Steven fed me three more strawberries. They were juicy and sweet and sometimes as I bit into them the juice squirted down my chin. Each time, Steven used his finger to wipe the fruit spit back into my mouth. ‘Good girl,’ he said, ‘but I think there is something missing.’ I heard some more muffled noises. I wasn’t sure but thought Steven had picked up something metallic. I heard a rustling noise and then quiet. My breathing was quick and sharp. I could hear his too.

‘Open your mouth,’ Steven said and I did. This time I heard a hissing noise and a frothy coolness filled my mouth. ‘Wait,’ said Steven and I did. Then I felt him push something thick into my mouth and I bit it.


That the police were not called was a miracle, I told Trish afterwards. Steven had been feeding me strawberries and decided to add cream. What he had not informed me was that he was adding his penis too. And he did not intend me to bite it. ‘I didn’t really bite that hard,’ I said. ‘It was a Pavlovian reaction. Three strawberries in and I thought I was on my fourth. They were really nice.’ I sighed.

The real damage was done seconds later.  Steven’s scream had caused me to freeze and bite even harder. It was the fight or flight reaction. For what seemed like an eternity but possibly only lasting a couple of seconds, I bit down hard on the penis strawberry. My whole body froze and my arms stiffened. It was only when Steven slapped my face and called me a crazy bitch that I released my vicelike grip and fell backwards, ejecting the injured penis at the same time. Scrambling to my feet, I pulled off the blindfold and watched in horror as Steven knelt on the ground and cupped his cream covered penis moaning loudly. I half swallowed, half spat out the remained spray cream in my mouth. It didn’t taste very good at that point, just sickly sweet and wet. ‘Oh I’m so sorry,’ I said, somewhat inadequately, but I was not sure what else to say.

There didn’t seem much point in remaining after that. I dressed and Steven eventually stopped moaning. He had cursed a lot at me which, while I found it offensive, I could also understand. ‘Very regrettable,’ was the phrase that came to mind. As soon as I felt he was not in any medical danger, I ordered a taxi. It was time to go home. I did not suggest that we might meet again. Somehow accidently biting a man’s penis on the first date and causing visible harm did not seem a good basis for an ongoing relationship.


author shot (1)Author Info:

Hello, my name is Aoife Brennan.

And yes, I’m the author of The Cougar Diaries, Part I, II & III). I am 42 years of age and I live with my two teenage boys in Dublin.

Read about the writing of the books here in the Irish Independent http://www.independent.ie/opinion/analysis/carol-hunt-cougar-diaries-lays-bare-funny-messy-reality-of-sex-29226647.html

I have also just translated some of my novellas into Irish – come and learn Gaelic while putting a smile on your face 🙂