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cover72177-mediumMaking a Play

A Hometown Players Novel

by Victoria Denault

He’ll do whatever it takes to win–on and off the ice.

Luc Richard is the hottest player in the NHL–and it has nothing to do with hockey. His racy relationship with his supermodel ex set the tabloids on fire but nearly put his career on ice. To avoid being traded, Luc agrees to take a break from the spotlight–and from women–and spend the off-season at home in Silver Bay, Maine. It’s the perfect plan… until he reconnects with Rose.

Rose Caplan is tired of being shy, sweet, and safe. She’s ready for passion, romance–and Luc. Having loved him longer than she can remember, she’s finally ready to prove she’s not the same innocent little girl he once knew. Off the ice Luc doesn’t do games, but this new Rose makes him feel like playing a little dirty. If he’s really got a shot at her heart then he’s not just playing to win. He’s playing for keeps.

Is anyone going to be surprised when I tell you I haven’t read the first Hometown Players book?  No?  Didn’t think so.  The nice thing is that it doesn’t make a difference because Denault does a good job of filling you in on any important details you might have missed.

Luc and Rose are fantastic together.  The idea that she’s had this crush on him for years, and that he’s been denying the attraction for just as long, is sweet and a little heartbreaking.  They have such a supportive and close relationship but it has to be horrible to have to hide (and repress) those feelings.  But this summer things have changed and their control may not be enough to keep them apart.

Luc is your typical big bad athlete – strong, confident, sexy and a magnet for women.  He had an alcoholic mom, giving him a few emotional scars and leaving him with the feeling that he’s not good relationship material.  Especially not for someone he cares so much about and who is as sweet as Rose.  Rose has had to watch Luc’s antics with his model girlfriend in the tabloids.  Now that he’s single again, it is her last opportunity to get him to see her as something other than just a friend.

I love the friends to lovers story-line and this one is wonderfully done.  Because they were friends for so long, the back and forth between these two (and the inevitable fallout when Luc screws up because you just know he’s going to) makes for a fantastic read.  Denault does an amazing job of capturing the highs and lows of their changing relationship and you feel every rise and dip with them as they try to find their way to a HEA.

One More Shot was Denault’s debut novel and based on Making a Play I’m pretty sure that she’ll have a long career ahead of her.  And I am SOOOO looking forward to The Final Move releasing this December – we got glimpses of what’s to come here and it looks like it is going to be great!

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