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TWYWITrouble When You Walked In

by Kieran Kramer

She’s a woman of her word.

Cissie Rogers likes to do everything by the book. Literally. The town librarian in Kettle Knob, North Carolina, she’s determined to preserve the future of literature–and the library’s romantic legend–for her patrons. It’s not easy when the mayor himself, Boone Braddock, wants to close the library down. There’s only one way for Cissie to put a stop to him: By running for mayor herself!

Is he a player–or does he mean business?

Boone is Kettle Knob’s favorite son, a champion athlete and stellar football coach with deep local roots. Cissie will need more than a savvy slogan and a pair of three-inch high heels to stand a chance at the polls. But what about the campaign that’s underway in her own heart? What began as professional rivalry has transformed into a simmering attraction that neither contender can ignore. Could it be that the keeper of the town’s card catalog and the legendary football hero are ready to team up…and write their own storybook romance?

“Kieran Kramer’s smart, sassy storytelling charms readers because there is always poignancy mixed with passion, tenderness, and humor.” –RT Book Reviews

Trouble When You Walked In is a fun, humorous, and sweet small-town read (which is one of my favorite kinds of books).  I love the quirkiness, the closeness, and how involved everyone is with everyone else.  It makes me crave a different way of life, even one full of nosy busybodies.

Boone is the can’t-do-wrong golden child – he’s nice, cares about the town and its people.  He’s the guy that men want to be and women just want.  But he’s also juggling a lot of expectations, especially from his parents, and hiding a pretty big secret that is keeping him from acting on his attraction to the pretty little librarian … the one who has a lot of spunk hiding behind her tweed skirts.  Cissie usually fades into the background but she isn’t going to back down when her library is threatened.  If it means going against Boone in the mayor’s race then she will do exactly that, regardless of how sexy she finds him.

Watching these two dance around their differences and their attraction – butting heads and sneaking kisses – is a riot.  I laughed and sighed and turned pages as quickly as I could and I can’t wait to see what else Kramer brings us from Kettle Knob.